Playa Del Carmen and Whalesharks

Hi everybody.

Well I said that I wouldn´t update the blog on this journey, but I have to tell you about our encounter with the amazing whale sharks. Die Deutsche did tell me that if I got the chance to swim with Whale Sharks, then I had to cease the oppurtunity. And so I did.
We started quite early and sailed out to a place were the Whale sharks should be feeding, and so they did. From a distance you could see a lot of fins in the water and when you came close you could really see those big beautiful animals. We jumped in the water and all around you these massive creatures were feeding. They didn´t seem to be bothered by our presence and some times you really had to swim away from them because they came really close to you. So close that you could actually touch them, but we didn´t. Thats a no go.
The whale sharks are between 10 - 18 meters and weighs around 5-10 tons. They were massive and swimming along the side of them was an amazing experience. When one had left you, you just turned around and another came your way. There were about 40 Whale sharks in quite a small area so we really had them up close. Massive creatures that oppened their mouth for feeding. They were huge.
What an awesome experience as you can see on the pictures. We brought an underwater camere as well and we are defendly looking forward to getting those pics.
See you soon guys

Back in Mexico, Tulum

Dear family and friends

Now we are back in Mexico. We had to leave that amazing island because it became a bit boring when you had done all the wateractivities. Even though we enjoyed that Caribbean island with its awesome scenery and seebreeze which were important for our wellbeing.

We took a boat back to Belize city and then a bus to the border. The busdriver was a idiot and did nothing to hide that he was very bothered with waiting for us at the border. Well we had to go thru immigration and so on. What a Fuckface.
Well around 7 pm we arrived in Tulum and due the late hours we stayed at a nearby hostel with the most horrible toilet.
No great experience.
Today we have come to the term, that we are flashpackers and booked us self a night in a hotel with aircon :O)
We went out to the ruins of Tulum which are located on the beach. Beautiful, but it is so fucking hot in Mexico and seriously we really look forward to feel a more temperate climate.
This will also be the last update on my blog because we are leaving for Playa del Carmen tomorrow and the only plans we have is going out snorkling with whalesharks and the having a movienight in the cinema :O)

Take care. see you soon

Night snorkling and the Blue hole

Dear family and friends.

We are still on the little island of Caye Culker. Two days ago we went out nightsnorkling. In the beginning it was a bit scary because you couldn't see anything unless you flashlighted it which concerns you when you know that there are sharks in that area. However the experience turned out very well. We were not attacked by anything. It was probarly the other way around because the animals we found defendly felt attacked by our flashlights. We saw many lobster, crabs, sting rays and an octopus which changed colour from blue to sandcolour. Amazing.

Well the next day we went out to the blue hole which were fantastic. Just the trip out there were fantastic beautiful, even though some of the flashpackers puked.....
When we jumped in from the boat you could see the sharks cirkling beneath you which were awesome. The blue hole is surrounded by a reef and that were absolutely amazing.
After the bluehole we went to an island where we had lunch. I will eventuelly post some pics of the island and then you will understand it when im telling you, that it was absolutely beautiful. AMAZING.
Imagine a little island with white sandybeaches and palms. Crabs crawling around and iguanas climbing the threes.

I just love the Carribean. But we have to leave the island in two days. Going back to Mexico and if possible snorkle with whalesharks. Hope so

Belize, Caye Culker 2009: Paradise island and awesome snorkling

Dear all

Finally we have arrived at the caribbean island of Caye Culker and the island is absolutely amazing. It is really a nice piece of the Caribbean flavour.
Yesterday we went out snorkling and it was so beautiful. First of all Belize have the second biggest coralreef in the world. The first stop were at the coral garden and the even though the corals were awesome there were not many fish. This would change when we arrived at shark and ray reef. Here the nursesharks, sting rays and other awesome fish gattered around the boat. We jumped in and started to snorkle and the sharks bumped into you. A bit scary in the start. Well the third place we went snorkling we saw Nursesharks, bluespotted stingrays, eaglerays and see turtles. Amazing.

Next time we will rent an underwatercamera, so we can get some awesome pics. In two days we will go out too the blue hole. Cant wait :O)

Caye Culker

Caye Culker
Beachbar and sunset

Caye Culker

Caye Culker

Guatemala and Belize, Tikal ruins and San Ignacio

Hi everybody

Finally we went to see the ruins of Tikal which were impressive. It was impressive due to the size and volumme of the buildings and because of its location deep in the Guatemalian rainforrest. Some of the temples tops were located higher than the threes in the rainforrest and when you climbed them you could actually see all the way to Belize. Imagine sitting on a temple made by Mayans a thousand years ago. It was impressive. Our guide told plenty of stories about the Mayans and of their way of living and I have to say, that having a guide is half the trip.
However the best part were the sunset from the top of a temple. We climbed the temple which were around 65 meters and waited to see the sun set down behind the mountains. It was a spectacular view and you feld like you could sit there for ever.
However as a historian this is not only a holiday it is also a time to wonder and think about ancient civilizations. I have been wondering about why the structures, temples, of Egypt and central and south america is the same. It seems to me that there are some similarities that you can not ignore. The egyptian pyramids were build between 3000-2500 bc, the mayan temples around 800 bc-900 ad and so on. So if we assume that the two cultures or civilizations, the egyptcians and the the mesoamericans, never meet the likeness of their arcitecture is difficult to understand or is it? Lets see what the two civilizations has in common, the arcitecture of their temples, mathmatics-both civilizations used 0 as sign of having nothing, the idea of Orions belt which both the pyramids and the temples in Camerica is located after, the idea of blood as a sacred thing, religious beliefs such as the underworld and gods. There are probarly many more similarities, but I have proven my point. So why is there so many similarities between to civilizations which is not located on the same continent and have not exited at the same time. To that question I have to answers or thesis if you will. The first is that both civilizations descendt from a still unknown civilization and that the Centralamericans and egyptians has evolved sligthly different over time, but still bear some of the things from civilization X. Where this civilization X is from and whom their were is not clear to me. However one might think that this could be a plausible explanation. The second thesis is that deep inside mankind the search for divinety and meaning of life makes man build structures that seems impressive and not of this earth and carry out rituals surrounded by mystery. Man has always been seeking explanations of its existing.
WELL enough for today.

At the moment we are in Belize. Driving to Belize City and then leave in a boat to Caya Culker, a caribian island.Nice

Guatemala 2009 - Antigua Volcanotrip

We are now in Antigua which is an old colonial town. The buildings reminds me of the time when the spaniards ruled most of Central and South America to the benefit of mankind :O)
Well besides that we wont on a volcanotrek as you can see on the pictures. First of all I have to inform you that if you are not fit you should defendly not go trekking on a volcano 2.600 meters above seelevel. I was utterly fucked and to my big surprise Sofie managed very well. She was actually one of the best trekkers in the group and to my surprise I was one of the poorest trekkers.
Well we started walking in the forrest which were quite difficult. Small path and a lot of jungle.
When we came out the jungle we were stunned by the volcano. you could actually see hot lava coming out of it. FUCK and we were on our way up there. Now the problems really started. I couldt get the amount of air I needed and every inch of my body screemed on air and rest, but no way. The others keept a good pace and I was with another danish girl left 20 meters behind. Well weighing around 105 kg and having a daypack on my back did not help me. The path up to the volcano were not horisontal but vertical, straight up, and for every step you went one back. The lavarocks were crushed under your feet so you couldnt get a grip. Very hard.ç
But finally we came up and once again we were stunned because you could se the floathing lava beneath the rocks we walked upon. No more than 30 cm unders us lava were floathing, rivers of lava were floating. Well we did not feel secure, but we went on. When you stood to long on the rocks you could feel your shoes start melting on to the rocks. Scary.
Finally we saw a real fload of lava and we got some good pics, but as you can see it was fucking hot and we did not feel secure.
After running around on the lavarocks we began to walk down and that was just as bad as up, because you could not walk down, we were actually slidding all the way down. I was devasted when we arrived at the hotel. Damn. Good thing I stopped smoking
Next stop Flores in Guatemala

Guatemala 2009, Panajachel and Antigua

Dear friends

We left Merida in Mexico to drive up in the mountans to the city, San Cristobal de las casas. This is a beautiful city. It was clearly a city populated with indigenous people and not the descendents of the spaniards.
The only problem with Cristobal was the cold. It was cold due to its location high up in the mountains. However this did change when we drove towards the Mexico-Guatemalean border. The heat came back. Crossing the border is apparently not an easy task. As an western you is best of bribing the police, because this will delay the waiting time. We crossed the border in a group, but later on Sofie and I are cross alone without a tourguide, because we are staying in Belize.
However the situation in Honduras, Cup d´etat, has not affected the situation in Guatemala as one might have thougt.

Well now we are in Panajachel with is an awesome city located at the banks of lake Atitlan which is surrounded by three volcanos. Amazing view and defendly good kodakmoments :O)

Well today we leave Panajachel and heading towards the Capital of Guatemala, Antigua. God fun hopefully

The crownprince of Jutland in South Africa

Tjeck out this profile. Its Fightoss

Mexico 2009, The Cenotes and Palenque

After visiting the awesome ruins of Chichen Itza we drove to Merida. Just outside Merida there are something called the Cenotes (waterholes in caves).
It was absolutely beutiful because the water were so clear that you could see the bottom which were many meters down. Futhermore because the waterholes were in caves under ground. Amazing and refreshing in the Mayan Sun.
We will post some pictures of it.

Today we went on a jungletreck in the rainforrest in Palenque. The treck took two hours and we saw ruins hidden in the forrest and howling monkeys. After the jungletreck we went in the Palenque ruins which were restored. Quite amazing with a Mayan city in the middle of the rainforest.
Well would love to tell more but im exhausted now. Will write another day

Mexico 2009, Chichen Itza

Hi everybody. Finally we found a shop that had internet. We have so many things to tell you.
First of all; Awesome to leave Cancun, what a shithole of a hoteltown. Never setting my legs in that city again. Sofie agrees totally.
Well we left Cancun Sunday morning and drove to the ruins of Chichen Itza (Maya ruins). First of all let me tell you that our guide were amazing. The ruins hosted at its peak period around 50.000 Mayans which must have been a great city in the 600 b.c. The great pyramid where allocated to the high priest and were the place where he spoke to the people. Appararently the where severeal pyramids inside the pyramide which were explained by Mayanmythology. The believed that every 52 year the could be an armageddon. So every 52 year if the armageddon didn´t happened the felt such appreciaten towards the gods that they build new structures upon the old ones. Quite amazing.
Well as the guide told us the western view on the Mayans is dominated by a perception that the Mayans were cruel (sacrifice of humans), but our guide showed us how every thing is relative. An example is the games that the mayans played during sacred times. In a particular game two teams with seven players each played a kind of ballgame where they tried to get a ball to different rings in a wall. The Captain of the winning team were so lucky and fortunately to be decapitated and send to gods as an ambassadeur. They actually saw it as a pleasure. Well the guide did mention that due to Humans selfpreservation instict they where druged and held by other citizens in this ritual. Well amazing stories and amazing ruins which also had an observatorium for stars.
Well the Guide who where a Mayandescendent told us how the impact of native Mayans meeting the westernes where. The Mayans are generally poor and a spending their life in poverty but the guide were of the oppinion that they not nescerally had a bad life, because who is the most happiest person: The most happy person is not always the one haves the most, but it might be the one who needs the least. he might be right.

Cancun and where the fuck are the turists

Hi boys
Well after a 24 hour journey we finally arrived in Cancun, Mexico. We were all fucked yesterday due to the many hours in the air and in transit, but as the hardcore backpackingturist we are, we started early this morning taking the ferry out to the isla mujeres. Not much to tell about that island but we did come across a trip called "swim with whalesharks", so we agreed to make that trip one of the "must do" things.
Today we are just hanging around and relaxing and of course trying to avoid the pigflu. Cancun is a massive area with many hotels, but not many turists which is explained by the lack of americans and their fear of the pigflu.
Well hope you are all well boys

Last night in Lima and New York city

Our last night in Lima were a pretty quit one. We are allmost out of money due to Rio's fine nightlife and good fun. So last night in Lima we went out shopping cheap shoes (one can always afford cheap shoes) and eating shitty chickenfood. After a very long night in a plain to NY, we were picked up by Oswaldos dad, who is a awesome guy, in Newark airport. Tomorrow he is taking us out for dinning in Little Italy and who knows what might happen. Well today we have been walking around in lower Manhattan (we live in chinatown) and seen ground zero, which are under construction, and wall street, little italy, chinatown and broadway. The two old guys, daniel and steen are tired now and needed a nap, but I'm sitting on the corner of broome street and cleveland, drinking a bottle of water and watching the people who passes by. So many people with such a different life than mine. I so curious and a part of me wants to ask others of their impression of the city, travelling or life in general. But this is probarly not a good idea, they might think that im all cracy loco in la cabeza.
Tonight we will take the subway and find a cinema, we really need to relax and turn our minds of because of all the impressions this trip has given us.
Tomorrow its statue of liberty, central park and what ever comes our way.
Hope all are well back home

Rio, Ipanema and Copacobana

Dear friends and family

Our adventures in Rio is over and at the moment we are waiting for our flight back to Lima where we will spend one night before leaving for Nuevo York.
It has indeed been an awesome experience to visit Rio and its beaches. Ipanema was an magnificent beach with a fantastic view.
Yesterday we went up to the christ statue and what an amazing scenery. You could see the two beaches and most of the city. It was a beautiful view. Two days ago we went on a boattrip outside Rio and it was quite fun, especially when Daniel pushed off board. The other passengers were not quite happy with us fooling around. I had to swim into shore, but fortunately the boat were supposed to stop 100 metres from the beach, so no worries :O)
It was not only the beaches and the atmosphere that we amazing. The food was excellent and we visited a splendid restaurant where the waiters ran around with big meatlumps on spears and you had your own little buffet.

See you, next stop Lima

Rio de Janeiro, a big night out and Daniel got hit by a shoebox

Dear friends and family

So many things has happened since we arrived to Rio de Janeiro, but let me start with my impression of the city. Its very beautiful and has a great atmosphere, but the poor people and especially the streetkids can be a rough experience. The beaches are so amazing and there are loads of beautiful people and if I was to be compared with them, you would characterize me as a barrel :O)
We arrived last night around 7 pm and Daniel Bergman (steens friend) were waiting for us. After a quick boozeshopping trip we started rooling the dices as if we were in Vegas. I got absolutely fucking drunk and due to my brothers kind nature he fucked me up big time so I had to leave the club around 12 pm, but it was good fun. When Daniel arrived home in the morning he told me that some kids tried to rob him and he has a little hole in his forhead cause the robbers hit him with a shoebox. Of course was he drunk as hell and they tried to rob him his camera. Well his allright and we have been lauging all day. Good story. We are going out today as well and tomorrow we are going on a boattrip with snorkling. But bottomline is that Rio is a awesome city though expensive and dangerous sometimes.


Dear friends. As I wrote yesterday we had tickets for at Tango-dinner show. It was not that great an experience. Tangedancers running around on the stage for two hours, doing their tangemanouvres :O( Ahhhh thats not me.
Today we are leaving for Rio de Janeiro and thats gonna be awesome. I´m so exited about it. I have a lot of expectations and hopefully they will be fulfilled. We have five days in Rio d.J. and I hope that it will be possible to go out diving og go on a tour for a couple of nights, maybe out in the jungle.
Well lets see

Bonbonera and Boca Juniors

We just arrived at our hotel after a crazy day on estadium Bonbonera where Boca Juniors played against Lanus. We left the Hotel around 11 am and started walking towards the stadium with the intensions to do some sightseeing on our way. Even though we got pretty drunk yesterday we agreed on some serious sightseeing. The city of B.A. is pretty and the atmospere is good. We ate lunch at a shitty cafe at the waterfront and due to stumichproblems Steen and I was pretty worried that our stomachs wouldn`t behave. We took a cap nearby the cafe and headed to Bonbonera stadium and the more we drove the more fucked up and shitty where the "barrio"/ neighbourhood. Apparently Boca Juniors is the poor and unemployed mans team and none of us felt totally save looking like turist with to much money on us. But fortunately there were loads of policemen and the security control towards the stadium were much bigger than it is if you wanted to enter the whitehouse with a Taleban beard :O) Our tickets didn`t tell us where we were supposed to be seated and crazy enough we were seated in the section with the most fanatic fans. The situation at that time where uneasy and we didn`t fell comfortable. We sat down and Steen took his sunclases on and hid his white hair, he was the only "blanco" in the section. As time went by the section got more and more crowded and 10 minuttes before kickoff a big band came in and started playing latinofootball music. The section went mad and started jumping and singing as if there where part of American Idol. During the whole game they sang and wawed their colors. It was an amazing expericence to see Boca Juniors and sit besides their most loud and energitic fans, even though we felt a bit scared sometimes. First of all because they had to be blind if they couldn´t see that we were turist and then because none of them looked like having a job or a life besides Boca Juniors and slapping their wifes.
Before the game ended we left because we were uneasy and not very happy with the idea that we had to leave stadium with this section of the fangroup. But hey, it all went good and it was a great expericence.
Tomorrow we are going to a Tango show in town, it will hopefully be a good experience.
Today I´m taking it easy even though Daniel is trying to create a mood that will take us out, but not today dear brother. My body, the teample of seduction and body of love is smashed due to the drinking. Daniel is crazy amigos

Vale, nos vemos

Buenos Aires and someone took Steens money out of my pockets.

I`m all in love with Buenos Aires my friends. What an amazing city. Yesterday Steen, Dani and I arrived in B.A. an after three days without the sun it shinned upon us as if we where the choosen ones. Well that is what Dani thought. The plans in B.A. is to go in and see a tango dinnershow and tomorrow we are going to a match with Boca Juniors and I`m pretty exited about it.
Well as you can imagine we have not been sober many of the days on our trip and yesterday we got absolutely pissed. We invented a game with dices and we where all psyked about. Even El Vikengo ended up pissed, but when we arrived home at our hotel I went out for smokes and before I knew it a lady came over to me and started to get pretty naughty. I pushed her away, but before I knew it she had emptied my right pocket where Steens money where in (ca. 360 DKR) and now he has no money. Dont let me hold you money again and what is a vaccion without gettng robed. NICE

Peru Lima

Peru, Lima
Hi everybodyIts been a while since i wrote on this blog. Actually I haven`t written since I came back from my trip around the world. Well since then I`ve been in Thailand again and guess who I met? The diamantdealer I bought Jewels from last time. That was funny because he refused to admit that he worked at the diamantshop :O) What a C.U.N.T.But anyway, it was a nice trip to Thailand and many stories to tell, but not now.Right now Daniel, Steen and I are in Lima, Peru. Well thats a awesome town, even though its trashy and poluted. The peruvians are nice and friendly people and even though they look upon steen as he where sent from the gates of hell, they treat us well. When we where on Cuba 2006 we came Steen the name "La puta blanca" (the white prostitute) and since my dear friend does not understand or speak spanish Daniel and I have the opportunity to make jokes about him in front of the locals to our big amusement.We arrived quite late at our hotel on the first day and Steen didn`t sleep on the flight, so he stayed home. Dani and I went out and where not back until the sun where fairly high :O) Good times. Yesterday we took a quit night out. Just sitting and having a splendid talk about life while we finished of a bottle of Havana Rom. Today we have been doing some seriously sightseeing. In the morning we went down to a river and out in the horizon there where a little moutain with a summit. Dani wanted to take a cap up there, I agreed, but Steen whom where more hesitant followed with us. Apparently the city on the little mountain where un barrio peligroso and you should have seen how they looked at Steen. Like he where the darkness himself :O) The situatioin escalated when the taxi had to stop because it couldn`t drive us up there due to its miserable state. It had to return and before we knew it we where standing in the middle of the town. We were quick to find a taxi, but this time it was a tuc tuc (motorbikestaxis) and stupid enough Steen and I was in one and Dani in another. Well the tuc tuc had its servere problems with to fat barreledlooking danes. But hey we managed and the sight wasn`t even worth the trip, but the experience was. After that we went to the catacombs in a monestry, which was quite fun and after that we went in a saw the grave of Pizzaro, the conqistadore whom started the slaughter of the inkaindians. What a prick, but fun to see.Now we are sitting in the airport and waiting on our delayed flight to Buenos Aires and new adventures.MANY GRETTINGs from the Puta Blanca y los dos hispanicos

Rising up

Im home in my glorious capital. Im home with old friends and family. It feels weird. Neither Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji or US seems far away. I got up half past four this morning and couldn't sleep. Who woke me up, its that little adventurist inside my head ;O) New plans are under construction in my head, new ideas are forming and a new hope that is growing inside me. My family and friends surprised me yesterday, they where waiting in the airport for my arrivel. What a nice surprised. All of the faces i've missed so much suddenly stood infront of me. My love ones whom had not forgotten me. Isn't it mans biggest fear to be forgotten ? I think soo. Who wishes to be forgotten? nobody. Who wish to forget? no one wishes to forget og be forgotten. And i were not forgotten. I still think a lot of my new friends traveling out in the big world. Their adventures continues and a part of me wish I was there with them. To explore and too share the dreams and hopes that we all posses inside. Too laugh, too smile, too see, too feel and too share it with others. But my time for traveling is now on a break, but one thing is certain and that is that its not over. Out there awaits new places and new faces to see and met. New destinations too enjoy and new hopes and dreams too be taken by me and others. Life is such a wonderful thing, take a moment and think about it. Consider how wonderful and precious life is. Even when one is sad, its a proof of life. Its a proof of feelings inside your self. From feeling total happiness too feel sad its a proof of life. I love it. Right now I even feel alive missing the places and faces i've seen. It makes me feel alive :O)

All good things comes to an end

So has the time come where im not counting months, weeks or days for my flight home. Its not even hours, its minutes and im very sad. My adventure has come to an end and it dosn't make me feel very good. Even though i know that my love ones are waiting for me i feel so sad. I didn't want this day to come, i wanted to stay, wanted to explore, wanted to live while travelling, but as the headlines say, all good things comes to an end. From the shores of the island of thailand to the eastcoast in australia and the outback to the magnificant country of New Zealand with its splendid nature. From the islands of paradise in Fiji too Hooters in LA. I loved it all. The amazing people whom i travelled with, shared storys and drinks, shared dreams and hopes. Too those who still travels, keep it up and too them who are home, i know how you feel. But cheer up :O) New adventurs are awaiting us. Im boarding in 10 minuts, but its only a psysical boarding. Heart and mind are still travellig, its feels that way. It was so hard to leave my travelcompanions. Really hard. Well im returning home with a lifetime of experiences and new perspectives on life :O) It has been a lesson of life and i would not trade it. Goodbye to new friends and hello to old ones.

A night out in LA

Well i have seen men rise and fall during a night, rise because alcohol made them smother, more charming, more sophisticated and more fun and i've seen them fall because of to much alcohol. Yesterday it happened again. Young Jerry from Holland and Kevin from England did rise yesterday in the clubs of LA, but they did fall as well :O) all of it to my big amusement. IT WAS FUN. Well we started in Venice beach meeting Bo from Denmark and then we continued to Hooters in Santa Monica where we lay the fundament for a big night out. After that we went to a club where all of the lads where out on the dancefloor(you know i hate too dance) and then we ended up at a bar that really rocked :O) The must funny thing where seeing them transform from normal men to drunk funny boys and then again to horny monsters from Europe. What a big laugh. As you probarly know i was not that drunk and im glad this morning, because when we came home to the hostel Jerry started to play on the guitar, to the amusement of us and too the irritation of the rest of the inhabitants of our room. Kevin started to purke from his topbunk, down on my clothe and my bag and while Jerry tried to climb into bed Kevin went around in the room with his underwear at his ancles, because i pulled them down and he couldn't get them up :O) I was so fun :O) When we woke up the same thing repeated it self. Jerry purking and Kevin walking around in underwear with his own purke on :O) THATS FUNNY. Well besides that my friends, last day in my awesome adventure :O) Sad, yeahh im am. But all good things comes to an end ;O/

LA, Santa Monica

So now im back where my US adventure with Steen, Dani and Lotto ended for three years ago, Santa Monica. Its a nice reunion and it is really a nice place. Today i've been hanging out in Santa Monica, just chilling and relaxing. I called Bobo who lives over here and he is coming by either tomorrow or tonight. Tonight we are going to Venice beach to drink a couple of beers and then heading back to Santa Monica, to go clubbing. After all its a weekend and its my last days in this incredible adventure of mine :O) So to everybody i love back home, i'll soon be back in Denmark, CPH and i look forward too see you, drink with you and have fun with you.

A day in LA

Well when i got up this morning i was still drunk and the people whom where living in my room looked quite funny at me, well i was drunk when i came home. But nevertheless i headed towards hollywood with kevin and damian. We went to hollywood boulevard to see you the stars and the hollywood sign. Pretty cool. Then we went to Rodeo Drive so see all the fancy shops and they where fancy and the people going in there or leaving with bags looked very rich :O) hehehe but i've allready been around the term"rich". After that we went to Santa Monica Pier and enjoyed the nice weather and the cool surroundings. Then we walked from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach, we walked at the boardwalk and there still alot of weird people, but they where funny too observe. Now im in the hostel and taking a quit night. So tomorrow and Saturday is going to be some massive nights out :O) Im hope monday. Looking forward to see you all

LA, a city of Angels and Demons

Hi guys Its half ten in my first morning in LA and im still a bit drunk. Yesterday i had the time of my life, seriously, it was so fucking funny. I arrived in LAX and didn't want to pay the 17 dollars for a shuttle to my hostel in Venice beach, so i went for the public transportation. What i didn't think about was which kind of people i was driving with. Sitting in the bus with only Hispanics and Afroamericans freaked my out. A lot of "whats up"where going on in that bus, but nevertheless i made it to Venicebeach. I met up with Damian and Kevin at Santa Monica pier and we went for a walk. Of course we ended up at Hooters(my new favorite place) and i got absolutely fucking smashed in hooters :O) Just looking at the nice Silicone tits and long legs made me drink even more :O) So Hooters it was and after that a other bar and i got even more drunk. I met some americans who thought that i was the king, so they took care of me all night and even drove me home. I cant remember going to bed, but nevertheless i woke up in bed :O) Ahhhhhhh thats life my friends, LA and me on a piss. And on top of that, i just had my first meal in LA, and i arrived 20 hours ago, i consider my self a drinker and food is right now in the second level, and beer and vodka in the first :O) whaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuu

Its Fijitime, paradise and another injury on my old body

Hi everybody. I've just come back to the mainland after 7 days and 6 nights cruise around the small island north of the mainland. I took a boat from the marina to one of the farest island up north and the vision that reveled in front of my eyes where amazing. There where a lot of islands and some where smaller than a fotballfield and just the sight of the sandybeaches, the blue ski and the crystalclear water took my breath away. The first two nights i spend in Coral view resort and the name says it all. Beautifull corals, super snorkling and just too lay in a hammark(spelled wrong, but its the thing that you tie up between to palms and you can sleep in it) all day and enjoy the beautiful sight. AMAZING. The last day at coralview we went to some caves where you had to swin under water to get into them and then i did a foolish thing. In the second cave we all made a lot of noise because the echo where fantastic, but while splashing around in the water i actually dislocated my left shoulder. It hurt like hell and i couldn't move my left arm. The shoulder where not where it was supposed to be and i asked for help, but my travelcompanions thought i was joking since we where playing in the water. So i tried to swim with one arm in a dark cave and for a second i really got scared. Because it hurt like hell and swimming with one arm while the other arm is in pain where quite an obsticle for further swimming. But lucky for me a english girl and her boyfriend took me and helped me over to solid ground and then the Fijiguy came and judging on his face, there where no problems at all, but judging on the faces of the other backpackers i didn't look good. But he twisted my arm gently and before i knew it, it was back in the right place. Apperantly it happens often to the rugbyplayers down here. AMAZING. But im still in agony and its not so mobile anymore :O) Well besides that i spend the third day on a boat where my shoulder didn't allow me to swim that much but my good sence of enjoying life didn't keep me from getting absolutely smashed that night. Thank you :O) Its was nice to sail around the yasawa islands. beautfull. The next to days i spend on another island and i got pretty drunk aswell, slepped with two dogs on a lawn the most of one night. Well couldn't find my bed :O) The last night i spend on Bounty island and that was a real bounty island, so absolutely beautiful. Hmmmm........just laying on the beach or in the freshwaterpool next to the beach. We also went out sailing with a old boat with two mast and that was a very good expericence. Besides that i've been snorkling with sharks on two occacions. One time with whitetip reefsharks and the other time a leopard shark. nice guys. They are beautifull Next stop LA, USA. Yeaaahhhhh

Fiji and Nadi

Hi everybody. Now im in the Capitol, Nadi in Fiji and what a crapy city. Its dirty and i have only been here for like 10 min and everybody wants to sell me something, im thinking about bying some jewellery here :O) hahaha. Tomorrow im going out on a 7 day and 6 nights island hopper and that i am really looking forward to. Im gonna snorkle all day, place my ass on the sandy beaches and enjoy the sun and the beautiful surroundings. Its gonna be awesome. Yesterday i had to say goodbye to my travelfellowship and that was a bit sad... the reason why it is so sad is that i have none of you guys down here and that makes me more dependent on other people. Man is social animal in my view and he needs a fellowship. But never the less im looking forward to enjoy the rest of my adventuretravel :O) Hope you all are well

The end of my NZ adventure

Now has the hour come, its almost time for me too leave this amazing country. A country that have given me so many good things. From its natural pearls, its friendly people, its beautiful spots and very cheap wine(goon). All the people i've met have given me some awesome experiences, some good laughs and many hours with a burning headache due to the consumtion of Wine and playing different drinking games. Thanks guys. The emperor of Denmark salutes his peasants. Fiji, dear Fiji, what do you have to offer me? Im looking forward to that island. But besides that i've been a active man today (havn't been that for many days) and today some us went to Davenport, climbed a little mountain and saw the amazing view the mountain had to offer :O) Its a bit sad to leave this country, but any good thing comes to an end, right ? and im actually begining to look forward to see my love ones. It has been an adventure that have taken me places i didn't knew, it has broaden my mind and shown too me how precious life is. A thing that man seem to forget in his busy ordinary life a home. So many things has changed inside me and more will do. This trip has produced a path for me to follow, changed some of my lifephilosofi and the way i look upon the world. Well it has been an education in life :O) LOVE IT See you in two weeks

Fiji on monday

Im going to Fiji monday and im going on a trip (7 days, 6 nights) and from what i have seen its seems to be a very beautifull place. Besides that i need some time to recover from all of the drinking. Those english people i've been travelling with are absolutely alkoholics. But i recon that i do not differentiate in that sense. They call me the emperor of Denmark and they are sayint that im a legend ;o) Well thats pretty god compliments when it comes from englishmen :O) I surely miss all of you and i am looking forward to returning home to where my heart belong. See you all soon


Hi everybody. Im in Auckland and i really like the atmosfere in this city. My travelcompanions and i are going out, because tomorrow the fellowship is breaking up. During the next two days we will all be on our way to new places and new adventures. Im of too Fiji and im really looking forward too it :O) No more drinking, no more getting pissed, no more getting rejected by bouncers, no more sleeping on benches :O) Back to exploring :O) Just wanted to say that i miss all of you back home and im looking forward to see you again :O)

Maorivillage, Waitomo walkway and a trip into the fence

Hi everybody. I had an awesome experience the other day. My travelcompanions and i went to a maorivillage for a culturalday(that means no fucking drinking). Outside the village we where met by some fierce maoriwarriors that danced their welcome dance which includes serveral threaths and swinging around with their weapons of war. In the end they put down a leaf and the choicen captain of my group picked it up as a sign of friendship. AWESOME and scary. After this we entered the village and where shown how they made weapons, how they made their taatoos, food and so on. The village where a real village where a maoritribe leaved. It was so cool. After this we where invited into their longhouse where they performed serveral dances and song, including the HAKA. And the Haka was awesome to see and they do look very frightning. I dont know why but i find their culture very interesting and i love their stories about their heritage. For example. the more intimidating the warriors look, the more interesting they are for the maoriwomen. NICE. Well after the songs and dancing we went into another longhouse for eating food made in traditional maoriway(cooked under ground) and it tasted delightfull my friends. All in all a very good experience. The day after we all went to Waitomo where the others went into caves to see glowworms and so on, but since i saw them on the westcoast i preferred to take a hike. This hike where probarly the most wet and hard walk i have ever done. I went into forrest, on farmerland where big bulls where frightning me. I walked along a beautiful river and in the end i had to walk on narrow paths in a cave. I even fell one time, because it was so fucking dark in there. But a nice, hard and wet walk that lastet more then 3 hours. So what happened after the walk??????? I got absolutely fucking smashed yesterday. Once again i was sleeping on a bench, once again i was asked to leave the bar and keep in mind, that it was a backpackerbar(you gotta be very drunk to get thrown out of a backpackerbar). The funny part was when i tried to find my way home and i remembered walking along a fence(Straight to the fence, danish expression about being drunk) and then i wanted to climb it, because i was sure that home where on the other side(no home on the other side) and i fell from the top, ahhhhhh made. Well tomorrow its Auckland

Leaving Wellington, Tapou and Rotorua

Hi everybody. After to nights in cheapwinehell i left Wellington and headed up to Tapou. There is actually not much to tell about Tapou because the weatherconditions didn't leave any room for some of the great activities one could do. So packed my back and im now in Rotorua. Im going to see a Maoriculture show tonight and with a free buffet :O) you know what that means. FUCKING FULLFRONT ATTACK on that buffet. But besides that im really looking forward to see the show, because its the only thing i feel im missing. Besides that i will go to Auckland and see if i can get a ticket to Fiji some days before, so i can enjoy some sun, snorkling and awesome beaches :O) Hope you all are well

Absolutely fucking smashed in the streets of Wellington

Where do i start.hmmm.......... well after my little homesick depression i was rejuvenated after a good night sleep and i headed towards the northisland. Yesterday i arrived at Wellington and just my luck i met some danish people and the partyhero Dave from Fraser island in Australia. So we teamed up and bought some alcohol for a massive night out :O) The next thing i remember is waking up in my dormbed, absolutely hangovered and with only small pieces of rememberance from yesterday. These small part of my memories i will like too share with you guys. I remember pounding Whitewine, i remember telling everybody that they are cunts without the ability too drink. I remember a street with a lot of bars and a whole lot of fucking shiny billboards. I remember trying to sleep different places, on a bench, in a doorstep, on the street. I remember people trying to help me. I remember that i desperatly trying to find home. I remember a policeman waking me up. I remember a bouncer rejecting me, and i remember being absolutely surprised that i couldn't get in, in that club. Thats about all i remember from being totally fucking smashed in the streets of Wellington. Well, after i woke up i took a shover, put on some clothes and headed for the supermarket because i was absolutely starving. On my way to the supermarket i look down at my pants and they filled with yellowspots(quite sure its not piss) and it looks like i've been battling a orangejuicedrink yesterday but i do not remember. I REMEMBER NOTHING. What happened to me ? ahhhhhhhh i used a shitload of money yesterday, but i do not remember drinking anything in the bars, i dont even remember being in a bar. Well besides that i have the feeling of having a good massive night out, but why it was good, i do not remember. Thats fucking crazy. Imagine me trying to sleep in the streets of Wellington. Well even though my body shows the sign of going to the 30th year, apperantly my mind is still on the level of being 18 years old, and i thank my self for having that ability. Well take care and dont try this at home

So it came along

Hi everybody Im back in Christchurch and am now of for the North Island. But yesterday i felt like i was hit by a brick. The feeling of missing you guys back home and the feeling of loneliness hit me very hard yesterday. Why....... hmmm...... Travelling alone have been a great adventure, it has been a adventure in the physical world, i've seen so many things and places. It has also been a travel inside my self where i have come too certain conclusions and insight that i probarly would have had a hard time doing back home in Denmark. So it has been a travel around the world and a journey inside my self. But yesterday and today the feeling of missing you back home has been very significant and dominating. I have been away for 3 months now and most of the time without any of my love ones, so my hearth miss you but my brain tells me to keep up travelling. Its an inner conflict. Well did i forget to tell you, that my bankaccount tells me to get the fuck home in a hurry and get a job :O) Hahaha, but who the fuck listen to his bankaccount ? NOT ME. Well besides that i went for a strawl in the botanical gardens. Beautifull place. I was sitting at a little lake and watching the autums signs in the trees and bushes. Beautiful and very scenic. Miss you, Love you

Milford Sound, a piece of heaven on earth

Hi everybody. I just came home from Milford Sound, which is a pearl of nature. Its fiord made many thousands of years ago by glaciers. Lucky me, the weather today where awesome. No clouds, only blue skie and a lot of sun. So the cruise in the Sound where amazing. Mountains with snow and a lot of vegetation on the sides. Waterfalls falling from more than 100 meters of height. Seals playing in the water after dinner. It was just so pretty. The trip out too the sound where at least as pretty as the sound. We had to drive thru the mountain ranges and they never seem to stop surprising me with their beauty. I have always considered my self as a boy of the city. I truly love the great city of Copenhagen, with is houses, atmosphere and parks. But what reveals in front my eyes down here is absolutely spetacular. ITS JUST BEAUTIFUL. I have maybe taken more than 40 pictures of snowy mountains, Why ? I dont have the slightess clue, but i cant stop looking at them. They are like ancient kings who rise above the earth soo we can salute them. I just like them, I can spend hours looking at them, see them change colour during the day when the sun hits them from different angles. I sound crazy i know. But i just love 'em Well see you boys and girls

Why is wealth always defined in economical terms

I've been thinking about the meaning of wealth and how its always defined in economical terms. Well we can all agree that Bill Gates is a rich man, but is he more rich than me..... ? According to me he is not, he might be more poor than me. I can see that this calls out for an explanation..... I have an awesome family, that i love soo much. I'm so lucky to have an additional brother, not in blood, but in the spirit. I'm blessed with the presence of Sofie in my life, with the presence of so many good friends. My lads back home in Denmark, even though they all are nutcases i love them so much. I'm blessed with heart and mind that takes me far, not only in a physical sence, but as well in a metaphysical matter. Im blessed with all of my journeys and adventures. According to me, that makes me the richest man on earth. More rich than Bill Gates. Because none of the above can be bought for any amount of money. Of course you can travel if you have money and so one, but the amount you need for the travelling is not that much, so i can conclude that you dont have to be Bill G for being one of the most wealthies men on earth. You just have to be me :O) Well enough of the philosofi

Paradise and hell

Well as the headlines says it seems to me that Queenstown is a mixture of Paradise and hell. Is paradisic because of its beauty, not only the town, but the surroundings is amazing. Every morning i get up and use the first 15 minuts to watch at the remarkebles(mountainrange) with its snowy tops. During this adventure i came to realize that words are soo unsuficient to describe what unfolds in front of my eyes. ITS SO AMAZING. Queenstown is a little town surrounded by these mountains and when the sky is blue its an awesome sight. So this is paradise and what links it with hell has two aspects. The first is the nightlife, i was absolutely hammered yesterday. My newest new friend, James and a english guy and me went out in a blaze of glory. We had a massive night and today i was supposed to go to Milford Sound(a nature perl in NZ) but i slepped over :O/ But i will go tomorrow. The second aspect of Queenstown hell is that this city loves me and i love the city. I've i didn't love you guys so much i would not come home for many years. The english guy Dave just rented a room and he is going to work here in QS. I helped him move all of his stuff and sitting on his porch and watching the amazing mountains and the wonderful nature just made me think about staying. But my love for you is what brings me home. So this is both paradise and hell. A mixture of them both. Well im off now, going to buy a coke and then sit and look at the mountains. I just fucking love this country, i love it, i love it. I wish you all where down here so i didn't have to go home. I wish, i wish.

Queenstown, the biggest piss ever and the police

Well this city really fucks you up. Yesterday i went out with my newest new irish friend, James. I dont know what happened yesterday but i had too pound every beer i had. The night ended with me getting stopped by the police because i where pissing in the streets and with my dick pointing out towards the road. They where not very understanding and they wanted me to take my shirt off and clean it up. I refused and they said that if i didn't do they would throw my sorry ass in jail. Well then i found some paper and other things and wipped it up. Even though i had i coming and it is stuppid to piss on the street especially when there a policecars driving by, the policemen where defendly on a powertrip. Well besides that guys Queenstown is a funny city and tomorrow im going to Milford Sounds, a scenic perl in NZ. Today i walked up a mountain with the biggest hangovers and several times i hated my self, but when i came up on the top there where the most beautiful view. You could se the city and the lake where it is located and then snowy mountains. Damn that was so beautiful, and i wanted to take pictures but of course there where no more battery :O( Hope you all a well

From Wanaka too Queenstown

Well in a way i got stock in Wanaka, not because of its beauty, but because i didn't take the Kiwibus. So what do you do ? Well i got up in the morning and placed my self strategic on the road going to Queenstown and then i raised my thomb and hoped for a ride. Well my life as a hitchhiker was very short and succesfull because after 25 min a frenchy stopped the car and asked where i was going and i told her my destination and then she said "jump in". The trip lasted for 1 hour and i came to realize that even frenchy's can be friendly and normal people :O) But besides that i didn't give my self to many chances on getting a ride :O/ because i was defendly not the pretty girl standing in the side of the road :O) Well now im in Queenstown and the only thing you can do here is go on a piss or do some adrenalinsport and since my economy is more horribel than the economy of Zimbabwe i really have to slow down doing all kind of activities. Because i wanna do whitewaterrafting in the northisland and maybe an additional skydive also :O) The last written lines today will be dedicated to the boys from FCK and my friends. Isn't wonderfull to celebrate the championship on brondby soil :O) I wish i was home for one day to go on a piss with you guys :O/ But hope you enjoy it boys


Im back on ground and back in reality. Damn friends that is the most wicked thing i have ever done and that says alot :O) I got the green light for go go go and got picked up at my hostel. We drove out too the airfield and got some information about the dive. After that i sat and waited for a hour until it was my turn and during these minuts of waiting i became even more terrified and scared. My fear where almost taking over and i had to do some serious mindmanipulation on my self. Suddenly they came and said, Nick your up next, baaahhhhhhhh whauuuuiiii. I got the suit on and got buckled up and then i met my camerawomen and my instruktor whom i was to be tied too :O) I stepped up in the airplane and before i knew it, it accelerated and up we went. Up too the blue heaven and the mountainranges with snow on and the beuatifull lake of Wanaka reveled it self to me. It was such an awesome sight that i almost forgot what i came for in the first place. But as soon as the door too the carbin oppened i got ripped out of my thoughts and back too the world of fear and dangers. My Camerawoman stepped outside the airplane and my instruktor pussed out too the edge of the airplane......Whhhaauuiiiii i was scared now. I looked down and he quikly told me to lay my head back on his shoulders and before i knew it, he pushed us out and from the heights of 12000 feet/3650 meters our bodys flew towards the ground in a 45 seconds freefaaaaaaaal. I remember being scared when he turned us around a couple of times, but strangely after that and when i took the position of a banana i was strangely calm. The sight of the landscape and the feeling of just flying was AMAZING. I saw Mt. Cook and Mr. Aspring and the mountainranges with all of the snow and when i looked down i saw the Lake and the ground getting closer. IT WAS BEAUTIFULL AND AMAZING. The feeling is hard to describe, but imagine being so close to your own worst nightmare and discover that you actually are allright, what a feeling guys. When he launched the parasuit i feld my body getting trown up and after that it was a very pleasent travel for some minuts. Just enjoing the landscape and the wonderfull feeling that where inside my body and mind :O) FUCKING AWESOME. Right now im living it all again. FUCKING WONDERFULL. I did it, I embraced my fear and left it in the plane :O) I really wish that i had some of you guys with me, because i really need to talk about it, but thats not the case :O( Im so happy and feel so happy. I love everything right now and im so glad that im in NZ and so glad because this adventure that have taken me from the islands of Thailand and down under too the wonderfull country of Australia and then now in the most beautifull and amazing country of them all, New Zeeland :O) IM THE MOST LUCKY GUY IN THE WORLD. Im off for new adventures now, and now i know that nothing is impossible and for me everything is possible :O) Take care and if your guys wanna see pictures of me before i go home you can see it at in about 24 hours and that means about 5 am wedneysday morning in dk

Embrasing my wildest fear

Im afraid of heights and have always had a hard time about going up in the air, but my mind or lack of mind have put me in a very odd situation. Im maybe going to skydive in no more then 2 hours, it depends on the weather conditions and im fucking scared right now. The Kiwibus left this morning and now im all alone with my fear and the thoughts that are running to my mind like a harsh river running in a valley. It dosn't seem logic to jump out of a plan in 3 or 4 km height with only a clouth over your head.......Naaaaahhhhhh it just dosn't seem right, but nevertheless if the skydive team says green light for go go go, im the fucker doing it. Hmmm... Why i dont know, but i do know that it will move some barriers inside me and maybe i will come to term with my fear of heights. Like my brother told me life is a one way ticket, no return ticket so i might as well do the best with my life, and that is probarly what im trying to do or am i just making bad descisions again ;O) Time will tell. Embracing my fear in this moment. Love you all

Maybe im there or maybe im not

Well its funny how the life of a backpacker turns out. Yesterday there where no room for me on the bus and i thought, fuck it. Im staying in Franz Joseph, but later on i regretted that thought and then i met people who wanted to give me a ride to Queenstown and i said FUCK YEAH. So this morning i got a ride towards QS. But moving over the Haastpass and watching the beautifull mountains, some with snow and some without, and seeing the amazing rivers running in the valleys just convinced me that i had to jump out of the car and stay a beautifull place like this. So i tol me two new friends, that i've only known for 3 hours, to set me off at a town called Wanaka. They looked strangely at me, because three hours before i told them that i was going to QS. But they dropped me off and now im in a beuatifull paradise and actually the surroundings where used under the filming of Lord of the Rings (lothlorien, Isengard) So you guys back home can easily understand why i just had to stay here and not going to the partycity of QS. Well my point is that the ways of a backpacker is mysterious, because some times he's there and some times he just left to another place and are there no longer. I FUCKING LOVE IT. So tomorrow im going to skydive over the fields of Isengard. AWESOME or as they say SWEET Love all of you and aint life just wonderfull

Franz Joseph Glacier

Hi everybody, i just got home from a daytrip on the Franz Joseph Glacier. Its amazing that in the middle of a rainforrest a Glacier have its home and not only a glacier, but a very big and long glacier. It was an amazing trip, though it was a bit cold and rainy, well there is a reason why they call it a rainforrest :O) Well the glacier is located between to mountains and it runs for many miles. We started our walk at the great river that is under the glacier and in the start all of the snow/ice where black after all of the rocks that the flooding takes with it. But after a hour climbing the ice where blue as a perfect heaven. Blue as my toothpaste. We had snowshoes on and i can imagine, that without them it would have been an impossible walk up the glacier. Its was so nice and two times we had to climb in icecaves to get further op. Inside the caves the blue colours of the ice really made a beuatifull sight. Imagine in a cave made by ice and then me :O) Fat old fuck trying to climb :O) Well it was awesome and so different compared to the things i've seen in Thailand and Australia. There where also icecanyons we could go in and if you feld just a little bit claustrophobic, then you should defendly stay outside them, because there where not a lot of place :O) When we arrived on the top of our trip you couldn't see the valley, we where soo high up and it was an amazing sight. The most beautifull sight where when we descended and the canyon came closer. Rainforrest on both sides of the glacier. Amazing :O) Well now i have to go :O) And next stop is the adventure city of Queenstown

The Prostitute, a lot of fucking money and the biggest hangovers ever

I was so fucking drunk last night and i feel like shit today. I REALLY FEEL LIKE SHIT. Yesterday i got all dressed up in a nice pink dress and a old old bra :O) I probarly looked pretty ugly :O) The party was held in a pub in the middle of nowwhere on the westcoast and listen to this. The jugs where 8 dollars and the wine 17 dollars(for a bottle). Anyway I managed to use 160 dollars on drinking, but what the fuck, its impossible that i've used all that money on drinking, so here is what im thinking: I probarly gave a lot of beers and so on to other people or else i dropped the fucking money or else i got robbed by two locals whom i was smoking weed with. Speaking about that little weedincident, I got totally trashed after the splif and i lost the ability to speak english and walk. Some of the kiwipeople had too help me up from the ground, because i feld and couldn't get up. Ahhhhhhhhhh come on you old man. You almost getting 30 and you still a fucking teenager on a piss. Well nevertheless i was funny yesterday, i had some good laughs and so on. I'm just ignored at my self, because I promised my self that i wouldn't go get drunk anymore. But the good thing about breaking deals you've made with yourself is that it dosn't cost anything :O) Im in Franz Joseph now and thats the gateway to the glaciers :O) So im going on one tomorrow, sweet ass :O) Right now its quite foggy, so i have no idea how the surroundings is in this area, but i'll find out. NO MORE DRINKING

The Nelsons Lakes and the prostitute

Now im in Mahinapua and thats actually in the middle of nowwhere, so the Kiwebus a trowing a party tonight and the theme is Pimps and Prostitutes and the boys are prostitutes and the girls will be pimps. Thats fucked up and on top of that i have to wear a pink dress where my tits are not covered and then i have a bra that can't be around my chest. Its gonna be a sorry sight and im glad my lads aint there to see me :O) Well besides that i've been to the Nelsons Lakes and that was absolutely beautifull. From the parkinglot you could see the amazing lake and on each side there where cliffs going up, with a lot of green vegetation and down of the bottom of the lake you could see a mountain with snow on its top. Absolutely amazing and stunning. We went for a walk in the area and thats another good thing with the Kiwi Experience, that they take you out on walks and soo on. Its nice. The walk lasted almost two hours and its was pretty hard walk and fat as i am, i sweated a lot, but i was beautifull. As Fightoss told me, the westcoast is pretty and looks something from a dinosaurmovie and that makes it even more special. I've seen the blowholes (no, not blowjobs) and pancake rocks. Thats was fun too see :O) Well hope you all are well, im going to Franz Josef tomorrow to climb Glaciers, NICE NICE NICE NICE

On the piss again

Well it seems to me that my problems from Thailand has catched me once again. And no its nothing to do with juwellery or dodging and running from prostitutes. Its the drinkingproblem. I got pissed again and cant seem to remember the last night without alkohol or firewater in my blood. Its a bloody shame too drink soo much while im in NZ, because its so amazing. Ahhhhhhhhh..... Gotta take my self together now. Well besides that im in Nelson and no im not going out to Abel Nationalpark(Sorry Fightoss). Its seems to be a cozy city and so on, but im moving on, i wanna do a skydive over the glaciers in Josef something city. Yeaaahhh, do you think i dare, i dont know :O) But lets find out boys See yaaah

I wanted to play with dolphins

Well yesterday i got a bit drunk with an irish lad. I bought the most cheapest wine you can fine in NZ and then me, Trevor and some other people from the UK went down too the localpub for playing pool and drinking jugs. I was not wrecking the place, but i did get a little buz on :O) So today started quite slowly and i had actually just planned to sit down at the water and look at the mountains and the great nature, but while sitting there i talked to a british girl and she told me that i should do dolphinswimming and thats the great thing about travelling like i do, because you can so easily grap the moment and before I new it, I was sitting on a little boat in a wetsuit in 10 degress and spotting dolphins in the horizon. The watertemperature is about 12-14 and I was actually looking forward too jump into the water and play with finest animals of the see. But just my fucking luck, there where only 4 dolphins and they didn't want to play because two of them where babys and the mothers were very protective. So no dolpinssvim :O( Ahhhhhhhhhhhh come on, i love them. But no. On the way back we saw some seals searching for food. No playfull dolphins, im a bit sad, but thats just the way it is. Next stop Nelson and the tasman abel nationalpark :O)

94 kilos trekking in Kaikoura

Hi everybody I just came home from the most awesome trekkingtrip i ever experienced. I started in the city and heading out to the hills surrounding the city. More or less, i always had the snowymountains in my view and the beautifull costline by my side. After walking a hour i saw two seals laying on the rocks and taking a nap. I moved slowly towards them and they didn't seem to care about my precence. After standing there and looking at animals that are more lazy than me a sunday morning i went up to the hills and what a magnificant sight i had walking up there. The beautifull mountains and different animals grassing on the sides of the hills. After almost three hours of walking i came down to a pinetreeforrest (you know, trees that we use in christmastime) and had a absolutly wonderfull trekkingtrip there. The trip ended back in Kaikoura and now im totally devastated after almost four hours of walk and this is where 94 kilos comes in the picture. Because i know that some of you are laughing while you are imagining my fat body walking up the hills :O) And it was hard sometimes and the amount of cigarettes i smoked on the trip where less than two. So it was healthy and maybe i lost some weight :O) So maybe im down to 93.9 tomorrow :O)

Whale watching, Snowy mountains and the beauty of NZ

Yesterday i took the bus from Christchurch and headed up north to the whalecity of Kaikoura. Im travelling with a buscompany called Kiwiexperience and my worst fears did not realize it self. No, the bus was not filled with crazy teens :O) It was filled with nice and funny people. The drive up too Kaikoura was very scenic with beautifull green hills (it reminded me of the hobbitvillage in Lord of the Rings), but it was nothing compared too what awaited me in Kaikoura. The coastal of this part of NZ seems very rough and indeed very beautifull. The skyes where surrounding the mouantains around the city and i actually didn't notice the snow on the top of the mountains, but i did this morning. Getting up this morning and saying goodbye to the people i had such good laughs with last night gave me another splendid vision. There where no more clouds in the sky and the mountains stood in all its height and magnificance. Its was soo beautifull, that i couldn't stop looking. I sad down on a bench and just admirred this scenic view. Its so different from the red rock of Uluru(Ayers Rock). But besides this awesome sight this morning I BEEN WHALEWATCHING :o) It was awesome :O) We went out on a boat and thruw hydrophone we localized the whales and before i knew it, i was standing on the roof of the boat and 20-30 meters away a great spermwhale where getting ready to descent into the abyss. Apparently, the waters outside here goes down too 1600 meters and a combination of cold and warm streams makes it ideal for marinelife to life here :O) JUST MY LUCK :O) Even though you didn't see all of the whale, actually only the back and some of the head you could easily understand the size and magnificance of this wonderfull marineanimal. It blowed up water from the hole and took a last breath and went down under and then its beautifull tale(fucking big) was the last thing i saw. I was stunned, have i just seen a whale of 18 meters and a lot of tons saying goodbye to me with his tale? hehehe offcourse not, the whale didn't give a fuck about me, but i surrely loved the whale :O) We localized another whale and the same thing happened again and i was standing ready with my cameras (digital and disposabel) and i was ready to go all japaness . Clicking every tenth of a second. Speacking of the japaness, there were about 10 japanessturist on the boat and it was a very rough see out there (actually like a rollercoaster) and they were not having a good time :O) BUT I WAS. I loved the whales, i loved watching them and seeing them saying goodbye with their tale. And what surprisses me is the size of these creatures. Its amazing. The last whale we saw (the third) was much closer and though i couldn't tell the difference from the others i saw, it seemed a bit bigger. But i was astonished and i can without hesitation say that yesterday was one of the best days on my travel. Neither Thailand or Australia has shown me creatures like this. Well today im going out too a sealcolony and then for a trek in the pennisula of Kaikoura ;o) Hope all of your are well and forza Fck :O)

Leaving Sydney in a blaze of glory and New Zealand

Hi everybody :O) Im in Christchurch, New Zealand now and it feels so good inside my little varm heart :O) My first impression where that this gotta be a beuatifull country and the inhabitants i meet so far seems very very nice. But besides that i had my last night out in sydney yesterday. It wasn't ment too happen, but it did. I came home to Daniel and Svupper and i had some food with me(ingredients for Spaghetti Bolognese) and i havn't been inside the apartment more than 30 seconds before Daniel asked me if i wanted to go out with him and his mates :O) I knew that his mates had many resembles with my posse back home, so i said FUCK YEAH. So we went to a fancy bar with loungemusic and at that moment i feld hip :O) NICE. Four beers after we went on two a nightclub where they played the most awesome music(no dance) and people where really getting groovy :O) and i started to feel a bit drunk. Daniel really took care of me in the best way, so i never missed out on drinks or beers. Around 3 am i was beginning to consider going home, since i was getting picked up by a bus 5:45. Daniel had so much fun, so he stayed and left for Kings Cross. I hit the bed like a whale going up for a big splash in the water. And it only feld like fem minutes then Svupper came and said that i had to go now if i wanted to catch my plan....ahhhhhhh........ I feld old.... hard to get up and carry on, the bed where so nice and comfortable :O) But now im sitting in Christchurch, New Z and about to book my trip overhere. It feels good boys :O) I hope that you all a well and enjoying the nice wheater back home, because here its 10 degress and cloudy (just laugh) Thanks Daniel and Svupper for your exellent hospitality and your great personalities :O)

The Anzac war memorial parade

Today the city of Sydney is on standby, its because of a memorialparade for the soldiers whom had fought during the different world wars and other armed conflicts that Australia participated in. I took the train in from Kings Cross and when i arrived at my destination the sounds of bagpipes reached my ears. The streets where crowded with people cheering and shouting. I pushed my way thruw the wall of humans and a old man in the parade catched my eye and the other way around. He must have been around the 80 years old and in his face i saw sadness and despair. With him in the parade walked other old men and women with medals on the breast and blazing trophets from behind. I just stopped and couldn't look him in the eyes no more. His regiment or the people who were left from his regiment had walked pass me. Another regiment came closer and in the front, their where holding af banner which told the surroundings in which conflicts area their have been. I could regonize some of the names, Tobruk and El Alamein in north africa where they fought the nazitroops of Rommel. What i saw was a window too the past, a past so distand from me and what i will call my world. I knew that the australians where fighting during the second world war, but not on the borders to and in Europe. The man i saw previously couldn't have been more than around the 20 years old when he and his brothers in arms had to face massive airattack from the luftwaffe and artelleri from the ss-troops. So sadness i saw in his eyes. Some moments just touch you so deep that it kind of makes a picture inside your head that will last forever. I have that picture inside my head now. I stood there for hours in pooring rain and saw fighterregiments and boomingsquads walk by me, a lot were sitting in wheelchairs and some were driven in armycars. Some were clapping their hands and other were just looking all other places than into the crowd, as if they where back in the past. All of the regiments had banners which indicated their battleground and to my surprise i saw names as Normandie, The english Channel and other names from Europe. This country send its youth right the hells gate of Europe where a lot of them never returned from. While thinking of this fact and watching endless lines of former soldiers i feld saltwaterdrops slowly enter out of my eyes. All of the men who fought for a free world and for a free europe whitout nazisme and fascisme, these men have actually contributed to my existense and the welfare of my Europe, of our Europe. They chased away the ghost of a deadly ideologi, whom would have devastated several generations, and they paid the price in thousands and thousands. Despite moderne mans search for material goods, happiness and good fortune, let us not forget the men who fought for our ability to reach those goals. There is still men in different zones of conflicts who take upon them the same task as our elder generations did. My own brother in his early 20's signed up for defending the basic right of man and this took him to the mountains and valleys of the former Yugoslavia. Him and his brothers in arms took upon them to prevent another fascist ideologi to prevail in Europe and some of them too paid the most costly price ever posible. Lets not forget them and lets feel proud of them

Back in Sydney and thoughts about freedom and stupidity

Im back in Sydney and it was so nice to leave Alice Springs, after i 've been talking to several backpackers i came to the conclusion that im not the only one who thought that the city was fucked up. The abo's that never liked you and whom looked like that there where nothing more they would like to kick your ass. The rednecks in the differents bars whom where no better than a drunken Abo on a mix of weed and firewater. NICE ROCK AND SURROUNDINGS, but fucked up inhabitants. Now im back in hookerstreet in sydney and i do feel home, it reminds me of my own nabourhood in Copenhagen and i can handle junkies, drunks and prostitutes, but not Abo's and rednecks. On my arrivel in Sydney i started thinking about freedom and the whole idea of freedom. What is freedom? I this case im not thinking about our constitutional rights, thougt their are the most important ones. No, im thinking about the freedom to be you self, the freedom to choose your own way of living and in this case travelling. Freedom is when you only have 9.5 kg in your back and its you only real home. Stupidity is when you started with 16 kg from copenhagen and now have under ten. Freedom is when you pick up your back and decides to change destination, stupidity is when you realize that the amount of money you posses isn't sufficient :O) and that you bank will kick your ass when you come home. Freedom is when you stand on a corner and it dosn't matter what way you go, stupidity is when you dont have a destination because then you will walk for eternity. Freedom is to look at your self in the mirror in a public toilet and then starts smiling and laughing because you a FREE. Stupidiy is when you standing at the toilet because you have no more coins, so you could buy your self some privacy. Freedom is when you can choose the people you will like to talk to and stupidity is when you dosn't make use of this choice. Well as i can tell their is a very fine balance between being free and being a bit stupid :O) But maybe even stupidity can be freedom in its own form. When stupid choices gives you the best sense of freedom, as i got by using more than 1400 dollars in and around alice springs and the rock. Because paying that amount for going to Alice Springs was stupidity, but the feeling i got when i was laying in my swag under the stars and feeling totally free and happy was worth the whole amount. Well thats enough friends. One can do to muck thinking

A story that makes you think

Though im in Alice Springs i just had a nice experience. I was doing some sightseeing and went to a warmemorial on top on a hill. Standing and enjoying the view two elder ladies approached me and we started talking. The were both aussies and they had great stories to tell me. Both of them had relatives who had fought in different wars and especially one storie touched my heart. Jane whom had a husband fighting during the vietnam war sad that many times she standed at the pouch and saw the telegramman coming up at the road where she lived and everytime her heart started to pound because, the telegramman only brought them bad news during these days. She told me that everytime she saw the telegramman passed her house she feld inner happiness but also guilt, because she knew that another australien family in their community would have their heart and family broken that day and other days to come. Janes husband returned safe after his period, but many other families were not that lucky. It really makes you think, right? In a time not so distant in time, but in my mind, such brave people had too endure so worries and its actually not much better know for the families who has their sons, brothers or sisters in a conflictzone. Well besides that we went to see the royal 0flying doctors and its was pretty amazing how it worked. The had the state of the art technology on their airplanes. Quite impressive. Well leaving shithole tomorrow, nice. I'll be in Sydney for four more days and then its New Zeeland Hope you all are well

So many People

Hmmm...... Im so happy that i've met so many wonderfull and funny people. The hours i've spend listening to other peoples stories of their life and their idees of life have been spend well. This trip has given me so much that i've in a stade of total happiness, but at the same time you also get a bit sad because you know that it will not last forever. All of the persons you met and all of the experiences you share with them will forever last in my heart, but the tragic part is, that with time my memory will erase many of them. I remember Brue and Eamon that i got pissed with in Bangkok, I remember Nicolas from Canada that i partyed with on Koh Phanang, I remember Anthony, the Navy Zeal in Phuket, who was i real New Yorker, with the Brooklyn accent. I remember Crawling Eddie that i so much loved to spend time with, Philosofers as we were, we spend many hours talking and laughing. I remember Riley and Jimmy, the couple whom Eddie and I hang out with. I remember Daniel and Svupper whom i lived with in Cairns and their wonderfull company. I remember Sofie and i travelling together and seeing great stuff. I remember Dave the englishman in Fraser island and Elina and Claudia :O) I remember the nice people from Withsundays :O) I remember my friend Dale and his lovely friend Paula whom Sofie and i got pissed with and their lovely nature that i aprreciate. And i remember Phil and Erik from Holland whom i only knew for 4 hours, but whom I really enjoyed talking too. I remember Nathan, my tourguide that i really liked and whom were an amazing guy. I remember the three english girls, Kimberly, Michaela and Sarah from the Rock Tour. Emmanuel the crazy french guy with the funny accent. I remember Flo and Sam from Schweitzerland and whom were good drinkers and fun company :O) So many people that i really enjoyed with even telling them how much i appreciate their company and the things we haved shared together. They will be in my memory as lang as i can keep them there and their will forever stay in my heart as long as it beats. Farewell to you my friends and godday to knew ones to come

Alice Spring, The Rock and loads of other Rocks :O)

Hi everybody :O) Im in Alice spring and i've been on a Rocktour and it was fucking amazing. I'VE LOVED IT. I arrived in Alice Springs some days ago and the sight from the airplane as it proceded for landing was amazing. Its really a remote town in the middle of nothing. Im leaving in a dirty, shitty and no good hostel, but fuck it, its cheap and im already acostumed to shitty places, so one more does not rock my world :O) The day after my arrivel i got picked up by the Rock Tour Bus and we where 22 passangers that where going to camp together and i have to say, its was some good and funny people i was travelling with. Especially the guide, Nathan. Fucking harddrinking tourguide and funny storyteller :O) Well the trip out the Rock wasn't that interesting, the landscape didn't change so much, but it was beautifull and sitting in the bus and looking out did make me philosofi about many things and thats always good :O) Well on the first day we went to Kings Canyon and though it was beautifull with a little oase in the bottom where you could swim in a cold lake (small one) i was not amazed about it. We went for a walk 7.5 km and the start of the trip was named and it fucking killed me :o/ After the trip we went to buy beer and so on for our campingnight and it was so couzy to sit around a fire under a thousand stars and just chatting and telling travelstories and so one :O) As the campfire died out the stars became more clear and i have never seen such an amazing sight. It looked like the stars where multiplied by a thousand again and i just toogled in my sleepingback and looked up in the stars for hours before i feld a sleep.I LOVE IT. Im hoping that i will never forget this sight, it makes one a bit sad, that such moments can not be keept in a box and just being taken out when ever one needed it :O/ But im glad that i saw it. The next day we went too The Olgas and another walking trip started. Its some rockformation that a cylinderformed and it was pretty amazing. Im not so much in too rocks. I find the surroundings more interesting. In the evening before sunset we went to Ayers Rock for seeing the sunset and it was amazing. Sitting and eating chicken satay and watching how the rock changed colour from dusty red to bloodred. The vegetation in front of the rock where palegreen and the sky where totally blue and with the rock and its changing colours. Fucking beautifull :O) We camped on a campsite. The company hadn't packed enough sleepingbacks so i just volountered for sleeping in the swag without a bag and that was a fatal thing. I frooze so much that night, that about 3 am i went into the toilet and put my body under the handdryer to get some heat :O) You can imagine that it was nearby impossible, but i just needed some heat. In the morning on the last night we went out to see the sunrise and Ayers Rock. It was also amazing. The nature and the surroundings in these areas are just amazing. I havn't seen a sky since i came here. So if one loves the colours of red, green and blue. Ayers Rock and the sites around it is a place to be :O) Fuck im tired of writting now........ So i'll make it short. We came home yesterday and went out as a group yesterday and we got fucking pissed, and i got fucking megapissed. I had some good laughs with the others and especially a frenchman gave me a lot of laughs. Not because i told good jokes, but his accent was so funny. When he talked english with a strong french accent. I just amused me so much. Bojangles(the bar) rocked my world yesterday, i was drinking from shoes..........ahhhh bad taste :O/ Well miss you all :O)

A night out in Cairns

Well as deserted the streets are during the day, the crowded the pubs and discos are during the night. Yesterday i went out with Guido from Schwitzerland and we had a blast. We started in my hostel where you could get beer in jugs and while we where drinking a german girl came up to us and she was totally stoned. She was quite fun and i wanted to tease her a bit (a bit evil, but fun). We where having a weird conversation in english and instead of speaking english, i started to say words that didnt make any sence and among these words that dosnt make any sence i put some english words, just to make it sound english and the funny part was that she actually kept talking :O) It was very fun, but not nice, so i wont do it again :O) Well me and Guido started at the woolsheed where the teenagers where doing some kinky moves, nice :O) then we went to a big disco and it was pretty fun. Guido is an amazing dancer, so you can imagine how stupid i looked at the dancefloor(some people shouldn't be allowed to the dancefloor, especially me). We ended up at P.Js O;brians and it was pretty good (Fightoss told me about it). So this morning i had a lot of hangovers, but after a cheap steak and some vegies im al fine :O) Hope you all are well :O)

Well the Rock it is :O)

I have decided my friends, my great wisdom finally came true :O) Stop being such a tight ass and get you BMI 40+ out too that Rock and wasteland :O) Im leaving on a airplane to Alice Springs on tuesday and then im going on the Rock tour Thursday to Saturday and then im leaving Alice Spring again the following tuesday. Fightooooooos im hoping that, that Rock will ROCK my world. hahahahaha, good one huaah :O) So now im stuck in Cairns. Besides that i really have to give it to the man who booked my trip. He's an awesome guy. He's the owner of Dr. Tours and his name is Mark (owner) and if you ever need a man to give you a hand and some good discounts, he's the one. Well since im alone now, i might just go out and get some Jugs of Beer today, just celebrate :O) Hope that AAB will crush Brondby today, that would be so nice :O)

To go too the rock or not ?

Im all alone again and thats not good for my decisionmaking skills :O) I dont know if i wanna go too the rock or head back to sydney and catch a flight to New Zealand so i can have some more days in that island in stead of the 18 days i have now. I know Fightoss wants me to in too the rock, but it cost around 900 dollars and thats quite expensive for looking at a rock :O) So too do it or not ? hmmmmmm it is probarly a nice rock, well i dont know, but i know that i have too leave Cairns tomorrow or the day after. To many memories here ;O/ I hate to be unable to make decisions, when im a man of decisions..... Ahhhhhh dont know

Cairns and Cape tribulation

So i arrived in Cairns and its a weird city. It reminds me of a western city in the US. No tall buildings and the streets seem very deserted. Weird fucking place, so actually i just wanna leave the city, but first i have to find out what to do. I might just fuck my economy up and listen to fightoss and head in to Alice Springs and look and the ROCK. But come on Fightoss, its just a big rock that birds shit on and tourist walk on...... but i might just do it :O) But besides that i've been to cape tribulation today and what a fucking waste of time and money. I might as well just buy some more jewelery :O) hahahaha just kidding mama :O) The Cape tribulation where actually just a drive in a bus, go on a boat, find some crocs who actually just laid there without moving(could have been plasticcroc that our tourguide staged the day before) and then we went to a rainforest, which where very beautifull, but we only spend half a hour. COME ON, i wanted to stay there for the whole day. So the people who invented the idea of the trip should really put their more creative skills to work and figure out a descent trip. FUCKERS But besides that im good and fightoss if i dont fancy The ROCK i blame you :O) Love you all

The Whitsundays islands, Great Barrier Reef and Marine life

Hi everybody. I've just returned from the boattrip and now i'm waiting for the bus towards Cairns. I had the best experiences today my friends. But i'm better of by starting with ofcourse the beginning of my boattrip. We arrived in the habour and the clouds told my that they should call it , but nevertheless, i was cheerfull and ready for to nights on a boat and diving in the great barrier reef. Not only the clouds where an obsticle, the weatherconditions where not helping to improve my snorkling and divingskills, so the first day we had to stay on board. But it was actually pretty fun anyway. We had some good food and getting closer to the darkhours, the skyes disappeared and i saw the beautifull sunset. The following morning i went out diving and I have to admit i was not impressed. Compared to Koh Phi Phis divingsites the barrier reef where not that good and the visibility where only 3-5 meters, where in thailand your could see up to 15-18 meters. But nevertheless it was a good dive and the corals in the great barrier reef where more shiny and colourfull than the corals in thailand. We saw a Nemofish (so sweet) and i almost stepped on a stingray and that's actually why i saw it, because it got scarred and took of, and funny enough it came back again (Im not the only one who is curious). Despite the visibilityproblem it was a nice dive and i have to point out again, that I LOVE BEING IN THE WATER AND BEING AN OBSERVER. After the dive i went out for snorkling and it was at least as good as diving because i saw huge clams, bigger than basketsballs and they shut down every town i got close. The underwater world is so filled with colours and shapes, that it some times takes your breath away and I spend hours in the water, only getting up for water and pissing. Day 2 started with a beautifull sunset again and another snorklingtrip and this one was amazing. In the middle of the water there where a sandbank and we where snorkling around it. The first amazing thing i saw was a big fish (more than 1 meter long) swimming near to me, i tried to pursue it, but fatty couldn't make it :O) And while we where watching another big colourfull fish suddenly a seaturtle passed us and i was pretty exited and started a hunt for it, and what really amazed me where that it didn't give a shit about me swimming next to it, above it, under it. It just played cool and it has so far been one of my greatest moments in the underwaterworld. Swimming next to a seaturtle and it size amazed my. It was more than one meter in diameter around its shell and then legs, head, fins and so on. I dived so many times that i could before i had to let it out of my sight. I turned around and snorkled and dived on and suddenly another humongus fish where looking at us, so amazing beautifull colours and under it another seaturtle appeared. I choose the seaturtle and did it all back again and it was LOVELY. Such a good experience. Im defendly into marinelife thats for sure :O) Well besides that the boattrip where fine, lovely weather the last day, just laying on the boat and feeling the wawes under you and the sun warming your body. FUCK YEAH, its nice. But i have to go now, Cairns is waiting for me :O) P.S. Nice to see FCK kicking ass again. NICE

Antasskisser and how lucky can one guy be :O)

Hi again everybody. Yesterday i forgot to tell you that i kissed an ant in the ass when i was out on the safaritrip. It tasted like lemon og something like that. Imagine my fat lips kissing an ant in the ass. NICE Well besides that my friends I have a funny story to tell you, its a story that will show us how small even a continent can be. Two days ago, sofie and i was going in the streets of airlie beach. We wanted to cross the road. A car was driving and we waited for the car to pass and of course you look at the people who are in the cars and what did i see ? bababababababaaaaaaaaa Dale, one of my english friends and his friend, Paula. What a coinsidence. What are the odds than we where going to met in aussie. I knew that he was in australia, but not where. It was just so funny and even better it was just so nice to see some familiar faces. The story gets even more funny, because Airlie beach is also the place where Dale and Andy met Fightoss (the crownprince) some years ago. DESTINY i dont know, but we got fucking drunk with them yesterday and we had some good laughs and it was so nice to talk to them. Paula and i had a lot in commen and shes an awesome girl. So cheers to you Paula, you superdrinker. Dale won a poolturnament yesterday, he was pretending not to be good at it, but he's a poolshark and the others got beaten by Dale. NICE one Dale. Well when Paula and Dale retirred to their shag( We tried to convince them so stay for another and final drink, wich we managed to do twice, but the third time they didn't belive us:O) Sofie and i went out for dancing. We found a disco and bought some beers and then headed out on floor to do 70' and 80' moves on the dancefloor. My brother would be proud of me because i did the "pistoldance". You know from Starsky and Hutch. NICE one Nick Tomorrow we will go out on the boat. I'm gonna do some diving in the great barrier reef :O)

Crocodille safari

Hi, i've just returned from a Crocodille safari and even though i was a bit skeptic in the start(because i've been on one in Florida too) it actually was quite awesome. We went out with some aussierangers and their knowledge about these animals, their habitat and the things that life with them, either plants or other animals where amazing. We sailed on river and the ranger spotted the crocs from far a distance and sailed over to them, AND i have to admit that these animals are in their own way fucking beautifull. If i met one in i probarly wouldn't ask it out, but if i was a croc, there where a lot of nice femalecrocs out there :O). We saw crocs in different sizes and colours. All of them saltwatercrocs and they can grow up to 7 meters. Fuck thats a big animal...... After the crocs we got a terrifec aussiebarbecue and i did my part in eating all of it :O) You know me :O) After lunch we went on a too see other animals, and we saw wallabies, frogs, different kind of birds and have to hand to the guide if it wasn't for him, i would had to say that that part of the trip was a bit boring, but he made it very interesting and fun. But anyway, im just waiting to get on that sailboat so i can go out scubadiving and snorkling in the great barrier reef :O) So watch out fish in all sizes, sharks with different appetite, stingrays and other marine animals I'M COMING :o)

Fraser Island, An experience for a lifetime

Hi everybody. The last couple of days i've spend on Fraser Island (the largest sandisland in the world) and it has been an awesome experience, so damn nice that i dont know where to start. Well i'll try anyway. Before going to the island we where put in groups of elleven and then we had to go out to buy food and other supplies for our adventure. The groups members where me, sofie, rob, john, oliver, dave (all english), jo and emma (english), elina (spanish), Claudia (venezuela, a girl for steen, i tried to hook her up with him) and Kristina (a german). From the start there where a good chemistry in the group and from the start we had some good laughs. We got a fourwheeldrive and headed towards fraser island. To keep this story short i will just tell you the things i enjoyed the most. The lakes on Fraser was amazing. The water was crystalclear and the surrounding where so beautifull. I have never ever in my life seen such beautifull lakes as those i saw in Fraser. We drove in rainforrest areas and the roads where sandroads so you can imagine how bumpy it was :O). The first night we camped at the beach and sitting there around the boiling pans and talking, laughing and drinking heavely was so fun and NICE. Ofcourse sofie and i got fucking drunk and when we where playing the game of <>Sofie and I had to stand up almost everytime and ofcourse only because the subject where sex :O) I really enjoyed sitting and watching the full moon throw its lights on the beach. Hear the waves going into the beach and listen to the bear and cheapwine going in to my stumach. The day after we visited other sites and all of them where amazing in their own kind. Some lakes so beautifull, some forrest so breathtaking and when the sun went down and the moon came up, and the stars where visible in the heaven, i got in such a good mood, that i actually whished that the night will go on forever. Sound crazy, maybe. Again words and frases are not enough to describe the scenarie. I have to include Eli Creek, a creek where you could go up a 100 meters and then drop your body in the water and then just fload down stream..........ahhhhh im telling you, it was so damn nice. And the dingos. The last night i couldn't sleep so i just sad and looked out of the tentwindow and a pack of dingos came and went around in our camp. They are no more than average dogs, but being so close to wildnature took my breath and i just sad there without anything and for a long time i really feld that i enjoyed living in every second. My mind was filled with total happyness and though i could feel the darkness of mans nature lurking in my mind. Because i wanted it to last forever, i wanted my life to last forever, so i forever could enjoy things like this. But im not immortal :O( But im so glad that i did experience it. Im back from Fraser know and my adventure continues. I really dont wanna go home and i do understand the people who starts with 4 months like me and ending up travelling for years. But i will miss all i have back in DK and thats whats finally sends me home and keep me from travelling. I miss all of you, i really do. Jimenez

The search for Koalas and a study in redneckbehaviour.

Hi :O) Now im in Hervey Bay and waiting for my departure for Fraser Island and im pretty exited and a bit nervous :O) Ive been told that its totally forbidden to swim in the waters around the island because of the tigersharks and thats okay, i can handle that, but Hervey bay is not many miles from Fraser Island and the hostelworkers told me that its quite okay to swin in hervey bay BUT HOW THE FUCK DOES HE KNOW THAT THERE ARE NO CREATURES WITH TEETH OR POISON> Does he have an agreement with those animals . How can he assure me that a shark dosnt get lost and move 2 miles west of the island and ends op in Hervey Bay :O) Well i know that ive been swimming with sharks in thailand, but even i know that there is a difference between a reefshark and then a posse of tigersharks looking for danishgourmet meals with a flavour of spanish spices. Well besides that ive been to Noosa and Sofie and i went for a walk in a nationalpark in the search of the cutest animal Australia can offer, the koala. The route was 7 km and in rough terrain, but i really wanted to see them. The diversity of the park was amazing. It shifted from coastal open landscape to rainforrest and it was really beautifull. But there where no Koalas, so i walked 3 hours, down hill, up hill, crawled sometimes and always looking up in the trees, but without any luck. So as you can imagine i defendly needed a siesta that day. After the siesta i was told that there where a band i the english pub we lived in, so we decided to take a slow night and relax to some good music. The sight that met me going into the pub was funny. It seemed to me that we landed in the middle of redneckcountrypromnightdance for 40 years old and up. The people besides us where all aussies and the behaviour was so different from what we know from home. Just there appearence told us that this could be funny to observe, so sitting in the bar and observering was an experience i wouldnt miss. And as any redneckpromnightdance should end, there where some yelling and fighting in the middle of the night :O) Well besides that i have to admit that i might be to old to live on a hostel with teenagers going bananas in beer and booze. Right now im sleeping in a room with four beds. I could be fucking funny if i was 20 years old, then i would have wrecked the place beyound reconigtion, but aaahhhhhh old chap, not any more :O) But im taking it as an experience (one of the good ones). Hope you all are well and its nice to see FCK winning their first match in this season :O)

Sydney to Byron Bay

Hi everybody :O) Im in Byron Bay now and it is the australian answer to Hornbak, which means that its a city dwelling on the importance of its beuatifull beach and surroundings. Yesterday Sofie and I went for a long walk towards the highest point on the beach and there where a lighthouse. It was a beuatifull walk and halfway up we stood and looked out on the ocean and suddenly Sofie spotted some dolphins playing in the water. Its was a fun sight and i have plans about going out and do a dolphin watch. On the way home, we took a junglepath and i have to admit, i got a bit scared because the junglepath looked pretty old some places and we didnt knew where we would end :O( But fortunately it ended after half hour walk and though it was funny and beautifull it was also a bit scarring. Most of all because Daniel(the ausssie) had told us about dangerous animals in australia :O) But besides this the plans for the next two weeks are that we are going to fraser island(actually a beach) and we are going to camp there for 2 nights and after that we are going on something that is called and its on a boat where we can dive and snorkle. The boattrip takes 3 days and 2 nights and should be fabelous. After that we are going on a jungletrip (scarring) and though im cityanimal and not a natureanimal i do look forward to go on the jungletrip. And can the jungletrip be any harder than doing a citytrip from Ankara (vesterbro) to National Arena(Parken) with the boys on a football sunday, NO FUCKING WAY. Its harder to drink with the boys than battling snakes and other reptiles :O) Well hope you all are okay back home


Hi im in Sydney and its an amazing city :O) im quite surprised that its so clean. Walking around in the streets of sydney yesterday i was probarly the most filthy thing in the street. I hadnt seen a shower for many days and my memories about how a real bed felled like was defendly not to clear to me. But nevertheless i had a wonderfull sleep tonight. Im staying at Svuppers and Daniels apartment where im treated as an long lost friend who finally returned to civilization. I have my own room and a king size bed. Its like being at a hotel, its a nice feeling and also nice to see some familar faces and not to forget how much i missed talking Danish :O) Well yesterday i went to see the operahouse and after i saw it, i walked over the park and felled a sleep under a tree. Its was so nice, to wake up an smell fresh grass and flowers (botanic garden is just beside the operahouse). After that i went for a walk in the garden, amazing place. Im waiting for Sofie to come and visit me and its going to be so nice to see more familiar faces from home :O) Hope you all are well :O)

A trip to hell and back again: A scam?, no creditcard and the struggle against time

Hi again. Lean back and enjoy this trip into the a world of thrilling greed, money problems and stupidity. This is an exactly account of the last 48 hours of my life, some pieces have been removed and some shortened. But enjoy and if you are not laughing or shaking you head on this trip, my english skills a bad og you have a humorproblem. I decided to take a sieghtseeing trip in bangkok :O) A tuctucdriver approached me and i told him where to go. First I visited some temples and so, but in one the final destinations a feld into a chat with an Australien man and he told me that he had bought juvelery(3 items) taxfree and that i reselled it in Sydney. I was instantly thinking, whauuuu MONEY. Then another guy came up and joined our conversation. A frogeater. Both of them told me that they have done this several times and then Mr. Jimenez Greedy Ruiz started thinking and analyzing. I left the place and told the tuctucfucker to take me to the juveleryshop. The juveleryshop appeared to be a real juveleryshop. Men in suits and ladys in dress and a lot of turist watching and debating. Well, i might as well take a look. I ended up buying a set for 80000 bath (13500 kr). While the papirs and blankets got filed out the place put a driver and a car to me. So i went sieghtseeing with a private chaffour. I got food and beveerages and so on. Went back to the shop and signed the papirs. After coming home i got suspecious, was i scammed, well i didnt look like it in the start, but i got fucking nervous and started to think. I talked to other people and they said that it probarly was a scam. FUCK FUCK. I talked to the police in Khaosarn Road and before i knew it, Mr. turistpolice(TP) standing in front of the sergeant of the force in Khao Road and nearly begged to take this case and he got it. I agreed to met with mr. TP 8 am the following morning. And the time wasnt choisen by a coincidence, because i knew my privatedriver was going to pick me up the same time for taking my out on more seightseeing. So plans started to form in my head and i feld like . All of them was trying to trick me and so far ive been such a fucking idiot to let them. Well its hard not to, when even I are playing on the opposite team. It was the Greedy Nick against Nick of common sense. Nevertheless, when i returned home i lost my creditcard on the ride with the tuctuc. So suddenly i only had 1000 bath and a lot of fucking problems. I didnt get any fucking sleep that night, sweating, worrying, being angry, swearing to enslave all of the thaipopulation and making all of the ladyboys and so one. This is then night two without sleep (the day before i was travelling), so you could imagine how exhausted i was. The next morning i had no money, no creditcard and i knew i had to pay money for leaving thailand (tax and immigration) Well now it was my turn to strike back, Kazem fra juveleryshop showed up 15 minutes before he was supposed too. So i had to make up something up to keep him. So i asked if i could borrow his phone to call the creditcompany and then i pressed in some fake numbers and pretended to talk danish. I talked for some minutes and after that i asked him to help me search my bag. The TP didnt show up until five minuttes after we agreed and when he did, i told both of them, that i wanted my money back and that all of us should go to the shop. Suddenly the TuristPoliceman stood up and he looked like one whom where at a militaryparade and the fucker began to sing. And i was like . It was the nationalhymn. But what the fuck, we are trying to save my ass from being robbed and trying to get me out of the country and he wants to sing. It was crazy. The policeman said that he had to patrol the streets and i had to go alone to the shop. So me and Kazem(the driver) went to the shop and im telling you, that man couldnt move a nut with out me knowing. I was crazyCIAman on a mission. Just imagine me totally red in the head and a voice that was in forbidden heights. When i arrived in the shop Kazem made some tea and then he asked if i wanted something to eat. Well i was hungry. I followed that fucker into the sandwichshop where he bought some for me and then walked back. I was over him as a prostitute in patong beach. Finally the manager came and i told him that i wanted my money back and he asked why and told him, that i needed the money now where i had lost my creditcard. He sad that it was okay, but i would only get 64000 bath back(10900 kr.). I sad that i couldnt take that for an acceptable answer and then he showed me the fucking contract, where it stood no refund, but the store will buy back at 80 procent. I was fucking mad, but at the same time glad, that i would get some of the money. In the meanwhile TP had arrived and just stood and glanned at me. FUCK FUCK. I knew that my plane was leaving in 5 hours and Sofie had cancelled the ticket the day before because i wanted to fight these fuckers in court or other places (i was furious that night). So i had 5 hours to get my money, get in the airport, get a new ticket, check in and so on. FUCK, running out of time. I finally agreed on the 80 procent and it took some time for him, to fill out knew forms and so on. I got the money and to my surprice the gave me a driver with car (Kazem) to help me during my struggle against time. I finally got the airport, got a planeticket, left fucking cocksuckingladyboysuckdickonthedogsThailand. So was I a victim for a scam, wellplanned or did i just got cold feet and fucked it all up ? Please send me some email with your menings. I think the following parts where a scam: the tuctucdriver takes me to met these to foreigners who had tried this before. Thats a scam, i think its just a way to get customer to the shop, promising them discounts and taxfreeshit. The only thing i dont think is a scam is the shop(fucking beautifull and filled with people) and the juvelery. The whole setup around the shop was after my idea intended to get more customers. If the shop was a scam, why did they give me two days with privatedriver, some of the money back and what about the traditionalthaimassage i got at an exclusivegolf resort, food and beverages. Well i dont know :O( i just know that right now im in sydney and trying to figure out what the fuck happened. I have about 10500 kr i Ausdollars and no fucking creditcard. What the fuck do i do ? advices is accepted in my emailaccount. Well nevertheless i got scammed, either by them or my self, which really doesnt matter, because it costed my some money and a lot of thinking. My own greed was to become my worst enemy :O) But a good story huh ? Ups i forgot to tell you that mr. turistpoliceparademan wanted money for his help, FUCK NO. He didnt get any and he got pretty pissed, but i was leaving Thaifuckingcountry the same day. In retroperspective it is fun the analyze my moves and thougts and im glad that i wrote a lot in my journal. But im in Sydney now and i ready for more adventures, just as long as i dont fuck my self up, but i probarly will do eventually :O) Travelling alone really makes you strange in some aspects. I was all alone that night in Khaosarn Road and many thougts flew to my head, i think that doing some braingymnastic and philosofy is a good way to get to new understandings and maybe better understandings of the people and things that surrounds you, but doing to much thinking aint helping nobody. So i gotta stop spending so much time with my self, fuck its hard to avoid that :O) See you all. hope you enjoined the trip and that you also have learned your lesson,

Back in Khaosarn Road

So im back where my thaiadventure started, Khaosarn Road. I left Aonang yesterday and after a long busride, where we had to change bus in the middle of the night because the bus broke down i arrived in bangkok this morning at 6 am. I was so surprised to see how many people whom were travelling at this time. So many people on this road, all with different stories and destinations. I would love to hear every storie, but its offcourse impossible. But nevertheles im going to do some exploring today and then im heading strait to bed, because last time i was here i got fucking drunk, and ahhhhhhhhh not tonight. Besides this i just wanne tell Jimmy and Riley that i enjoined there company and im hoping to see them i CPH over the summer. And i want to dedicate some lines to my mate Flying Eddie. You a fucking hilariuos and we had some god fun sneaking in to exclusives resorts and so on and dont mind the swedish couple, theyre braindead my friend. So next time you hear from me im in Sydney fucking Australia and going bananas :O) Love you all. Forza the boys from FCK and next season we got passes for all hometurf ballgames, FUCK YEAH (dedicated to eddie)

Au Nang and crawling Eddie

I had the biggest laugh this night. Eddie and I was sharing a bottle of vodka and a bottle of Mekong Whiskey and Eddie got so drunk, but anyway during the night i heard something hit the floor and it was Eddie. He crawled on all four towards the bathroom and then he just collapsed. It was an awesome and funny sight, one drunk english man. I just couldt stop laughing at him, he couldnt stand up and then off course i had to take pictures of him :O) But besides that we have been out and watching caves today and i went into one of them and it was completely dark and your could hear the bats making noises and im pretty sure that they where not so far from my head. My time in Thailand is running up, so i will probarly take it easy the next couple of days, because i got a long journey back to Bangkok.

Sharks, Koh Lanta and a crash with a tuc tuc

Hi everybody :O) Now im in Koh Lanta an its actually a borring place so im leaving today and going with Flying Eddie to Au Nang (Bond island). Before we left Koh phi phi we went out and swimming with black tip reef sharks, fucking awesome sight. They where so fucking nice and some of them were actually the size of me. Its was an amazing experience and i enjoyed, though when they came close i got a bit afraid sometimes, but not much :O) When we arrived in koh lanta i knew that it wasnt a place for me, but i actually have had some funny experiences in this remote island. The first day we went to a reggaerestaurant and the owner was totally wasted and he was laughing everytime he sad something and on the way home we crashed with a moped tuc tuc taxi, fuck it couldnt handle six persons. Yesterday we went on an islandtrip, the first couple of sites where quite disappointing, but the last two sites where beautifull. The first was a cavetunnel, about 80 meters long and in the end you came into a little beach surrounded by cliffs, so fucking nice. I just layed on my back and watched the up in the sky, it looked like paradise. The next place where a remote island and the beach where so nice and couzy. and the view from the beach where awesome. But anyway you can see all of my pictures when i return home. But besides all of this im fine and good, i lost some kilos on this trip, and my ear is okay now.

Snorkling and the sunset in the phi phi island

Today Eddie, Riley, Jimmy and me rented a long boat for half a day. We sailed to Koh phi phi ley and the boat hadnt stopped before i was in the water with all my snorkling equipment. I have never seen so much beauty and it makes me consider that maybe Thailand have lost some of it paradisic look above water, but defendly not unter the water. I just floated and watched the under me. So many colors and so many shapes of fish and corals. I saw a seaserpent again, it just swimmed down under me and i followed it for some time, and yes i did keep my distance :O) We went into the maya bay (from the film The Beach) and it was really beautifull, though there were to many tourist. We snorkled three different places and every spot had its own beauty. But besides my awesome experiences, i think i got an earinfection and its courses some pain. But anyway im good and im enjoying the trip and i have become a great fan of the phi phi islands. My roommate Eddie is an awesome lad and we have some good laughs, he like buckets, but as he says the day after the buckets well i can only concourwith him, but its funny when you are drinking :O) Hope you all are well

Phi Phi island

Hi everybody. Im on the Phi Phi island now and its so paradisic, though you can still tell that a tsunami went by some time ago, but the surrondings are so beautifull. It might have been paradise if wasnt for all those turist that are here, but anyway its gorgeus. Im staying with an english lad, Eddie. Funny man and we get some good laughs. Today i went diving. I took two dives a 40 mins each and its was magnificent. Its so beuatifull down under the water, we went to the depth of 12 meter and i saw so many funny fish and other creatures of the sea. I saw and sting ray, at my sice, then i saw a seasnakke and the ones who lives in the reefs and come out and bites you if you try to pet it :O) Besides that, coralreefs are so beautifull to watch and there are a big variety of marinelive. Its not the last time i diving in coralreefs. Tomorrow im going out to swim with sharks, they call it shark watch, but i will call it sharkpetting (and not that kind of petting that some of you might think). Well everybody, im fine and in good shape, lost some kilos on the way and my desire for more adventures will defendly take me further now. Hope you all are well

The Navy SEAL and me

I got hammered yesterday :O) I arrived at my guesthouse and left imidiatly(how the fuck do you spell this word). I walked the streets of Patong beach and after a while i had to sit down, then i met Anthony from NY who where a former Navy SEAL and right now works in Irak with security, so your could imagine that he had some stories to tell. We got some bears and ended at Mollys (Irish Pub) where a philipine band played old and new tunes. Off course i got fucking drunk and when it was time for my departure from the disco i found out that i didnt know my hotelname or where the fuck it was..... So yet again i had to walk the streets of patong beach, trying to escape the hands of ladyboys and hookers. Well i cant seem to figure out who are the hunters and who are the hunted. Are the turist the hunters whom track down hookers for sex or is it the hookers traking down turists. Well it seems to me to be a game of switching and that night i was struggling my self and the hunters. I became the Hunted... I just wanted to sleep but i resisted the idea of just finding a corner somewhere and go to sleep, because then i knew that the hunters would be over me in no time. I lost the sense of time and then i saw the engel. He was riding a moped and asked me where i was staying. I told him i didnt knew, but showed him me key and he sad that he would take me(a bit dangerous, because where would he take me, in the ass). But he drow me home and i dragged my fat ass up to my bed. So today i know the name of the hotel :O) Tomorrow im going to Koh pee pee, it should be a paradise, well bring it on

Im a fucking joker

So i did it, bought a ticket to phuket and took first the bus to the pier and then the nightboat to Surathani, a trip that lastet 6 hours and of course i slepped next two some fucking stonehead who had lost the ability to speak narmal english. Fucking hell. But nevertheles, i got of the boat a sat with 80 other packers and waiting for new buses to take us to our destination. And after 2 hours, i sad there all alone and thinking >am i the only one who travels to phuket<....well no fucker, you just missed the bus and all the others left. So i sad on a curve all by myself until a thailady got a crush on me and wainted pictures and so on. I explained her my situation and she got me on a local bus to phuket. So ive been looking at some fucked up thaimovie with funny music in it. I now im in phuket, but i thougt that i was a little city on a penisula, not a fucking hole island many square km. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh im all fucked. Im in a big city and dont know what to do. Well mr. topnice Jimenez, go get a beer and then figure things out. See you Im getting drunk today


Hi boys and girls Last night i went to the fullmoonparty with some americans and canadians. I have never seen so many people gathered on a beach and all just jumping and dancing to some hardcore trance music. I was a great experience to be a part of it and i think that El Ron the john would have enjoyed it, because, yeahhh you know why :O) Tomorrow im going to phuket and then later to an island just south of it (koh Lanta). Some times it has been very hard to travel alone, you meet a lot of people, but you actually getting tired of telling the same fucking story everytime and in addition i also feel a bit old, standing between young kids on the beach. But besides that its also awesome to travel alone, because you really have to pust your boundaries in so many aspects. So this is not only vaccion but also a class in social behavior and social skills for me. Well i miss you all and i so much looking forward to the league starts, fucking hell, we gonna kick som yellow and blue pics this season. Forza FCK Grettings The brown CUNT

Mushroomsshake is killing my body boys

Fuck it, i did it again and the consequenses where pretty hard. I purked a lot that night after slamming a mushroomcocktail. I really have to leave this fucking island. Is the thai answer to the island of kos in the aegin see. Everybody is getting fucking stoned and drunk, im starting to do the same, that aint good boys, because it wasnt the purpose with this vaccion. So the next to nights i ll take it easy and hopefully same some energi for the fullmoonparty on sunday. And after i will defendly leave to find me a more quit place for my old body to rest :O) Love all your fuckers and forza FCK Next season, we get fucking seasonpass

The reggae bars magic boat trip

Hi everybody Well today ive been a bit sick, think its all that heat and then a bit of aircon, but nevertheless i went on the reggae bars magic boat trip, and i have to admit that i actually didnt think about the frase >magic<. We took off in a long boat and headed for some waterfalls, pretty nice, but the really nice part about was that when we arrived the thaiguides started to make joints and that is why they call it the magic boat trip. I constrained my self until just before going snorkling later on in the day, and i actually havnt snorkled with a little jointcloud in my head :O) Well its was pretty weird, but also different and quite fun. I just met a newyorker and we are going to go out for drinks tonight, so its gonna be funny. Well see all you later

Mushromshakes and mekong whiskey

Hi again. Well i had an awesome night yesterday. I hooked up with som british people and went out for mushromshakes with them. I dont know if it was the shakes or the mekongwhiskey that got to me, but some of them had to carry me home, i was all done. So i broke the first rule of the lonelybackpackerlaw, dont ever get pissed while you are travelling alone, well fuck, take chances, live your life ;o) Tomorrow im going snorkling, its gonna be great my friends, ive heard so much about it. I hope all of you are well and that the weather in dk doesnt fuck you all up Back to my adventure

In koh phanang

Hi everybody After 18 hours of travel i finally made it to the island Koh Phanang and stupid as i occationally am i fell a sleep on the boat on the deck and of course i got my face totally sunburned, but i was a needed sleep. The island is amazing, today i went out swimming in the sunset, so beautifull. The scenarie is awesome down here and if it wasnt for german backpackers it could have been paradise :P) no just kidding. Tonight im going to the beach for a nother fullmoonparty, its actually pretty crazy and fun. People are getting all drunk and its funny to watch. But opposite of what you think back home, im actually taking it rather slowly with the drinking. Every night i buy my self a bucket of mekong whiskey and i dietcoke and then i leave for the beach. Tomorrow im going snorkling, its gonna be fun. But im off for know love ones

Khaosan road fucked me up after three hours

Hi everyone Now im in Bangkok, more specific Khaosan Road, the mekka for backpackers. Its amazing :O) So many people from different countries, but never the less we all share the same dream, finding paradise, ourself and eachother. I thougt i could find these things in the buttom of a bottle of thaiwhiskey, but i couldnt be more wrong.....hahaha..... I arrived yesterday and find my self totally confused and alone, so what did i do, i bought a pack of marlboro, some water and sad on a curve in the street. Well just my luck, at canadian guy where sitting next two me and we started to talk, and before i knew it, i was fucking drunk and surrounded by 15 other backpackers. What a party and a big purking tournament the next day :O) All people are so easy to get i touch with and everybody is helpfull, thats so nice and i really feel that i gotta be the most lucky fucker alive. Right now an irish lad is sleeping on the floor in my room, the guy has missed his flight back three times now, and everytime because he was to fucking drunk :O) hahaha, he wont get home boys, hes all fucked up. So far i actually havent seen much of Bangkok, but i actually dont care...hahaha... ive been in a tuctuc, and thats crazy :O) Well lads and ladis im off now, gotta book a bus to a paradise island, where i suppose i can find my true identity in the bottle haha Miss all of you and those i dont miss, i probarly miss to :O) Forza FCK

In London

Hi everybody Now im in london, the idea was to go into london city and check it out but taking time in mind, i will rather stay in terminal four and wait for the deutche ubersturmfuhrer aus dresden. Steen and Sofie sad farewell to me in the airport, damn it was actually pretty hard to say goodbye to two persons that you love so much And honest...... the tears was not long away from my eyes for some minuts...... :O) But im okay, my adventure has begun................... and lets get ready to rumble, im on and aint fearing nothing or nobody besides my self ahahahahahah

living is travelling (H.C.Andersen)

Hi everybody :O) Im so exited in these days. The day of my departure is coming closer and time and space seems at my point of view to flow away as fast as a daytona race :O) Im so happy though certain thougts are troubling my mind. Will i feel to much alone and will i miss denmark and my love ones ? Well only time will tell. But besides that, i never feld more alive that i do now. Im standing in front of one of my greatest experinces in my life, and that tells alot of how exited and happy i am. So many thougts and wishes flow to my mind every minut im awake. Defendly feel alive these days :O) Hope you will keep on visiting my site to be informed :O) Be well

The end of my stay in the ratcity

So it happened, i almost done with Odense............and to describe the feeling i have inside me is impossible. One and a half year of studiyng in a place, that put so many obsticales in front me..............and now im done. My economyexamination didn´t go very good, but i so much hope that i will pass. My sociologicalexaminations went good, and i should pass with a okay grade. So the only thing that is left, is the class "political science and methods", i will pass it, no problem, but fuck, the most boring class i ever attended. Well besides that my travel around the earth is soon to begin, and i not at all prepared Im starting i thailand (five weeks), then australia ( 8 weekes), then New Zeeland (18 days) and then fiji (7 days) and in the end im going back to LA, not because i chossed it, but because the guy at the travelagency told me :O( fuck it) So look by occationel and i´ll keep you informed of my travelexperiences. ps. i promised my mom that i will not go to jail in thailand, but mama "i wasn´t me that lighted up that joint and got so drunk, that i pissed in the policecar", "it wasn´t me" "So mama, send me money to a good lawyer

About Me

My name is Nick Jimenez Ruiz, i´m 29, a student of the university as well as of life. This site will keep you informed about me as a person and my adventures

Never gonna drink again

Getting drunk is fun, getting hammered is more fun, but living the next day is not so fun. Been spending equal the amount of time out on the toilet with my head five inches above the water that i´ve been spending studying for my finals. Thats not so good. Especially when i have mikro and makro economics the 10. of january :O/ im under pressure :O/

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Peru, Lima

Hi everybody

Its been a while since i wrote on this blog. Actually I haven`t written since I came back from my trip around the world. Well since then I`ve been in Thailand again and guess who I met? The diamantdealer I bought Jewels from last time. That was funny because he refused to admit that he worked at the diamantshop :O) What a C.U.N.T.
But anyway, it was a nice trip to Thailand and many stories to tell, but not now.

Right now Daniel, Steen and I are in Lima, Peru. Well thats a awesome town, even though its trashy and poluted. The peruvians are nice and friendly people and even though they look upon steen as he where sent from the gates of hell, they treat us well. When we where on Cuba 2006 we came Steen the name "La puta blanca" (the white prostitute) and since my dear friend does not understand or speak spanish Daniel and I have the opportunity to make jokes about him in front of the locals to our big amusement.
We arrived quite late at our hotel on the first day and Steen didn`t sleep on the flight, so he stayed home. Dani and I went out and where not back until the sun where fairly high :O) Good times. Yesterday we took a quit night out. Just sitting and having a splendid talk about life while we finished of a bottle of Havana Rom. Today we have been doing some seriously sightseeing. In the morning we went down to a river and out in the horizon there where a little moutain with a summit. Dani wanted to take a cap up there, I agreed, but Steen whom where more hesitant followed with us. Apparently the city on the little mountain where un barrio peligroso and you should have seen how they looked at Steen. Like he where the darkness himself :O) The situatioin escalated when the taxi had to stop because it couldn`t drive us up there due to its miserable state. It had to return and before we knew it we where standing in the middle of the town. We were quick to find a taxi, but this time it was a tuc tuc (motorbikestaxis) and stupid enough Steen and I was in one and Dani in another. Well the tuc tuc had its servere problems with to fat barreledlooking danes. But hey we managed and the sight wasn`t even worth the trip, but the experience was. After that we went to the catacombs in a monestry, which was quite fun and after that we went in a saw the grave of Pizzaro, the conqistadore whom started the slaughter of the inkaindians. What a prick, but fun to see.
Now we are sitting in the airport and waiting on our delayed flight to Buenos Aires and new adventures.

MANY GRETTINGs from the Puta Blanca y los dos hispanicos